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  1. What ringtones have you got anything cool different or just weird ? post em here at the moment my sms tone is the beep from the pedestrian crossing
  2. i heard it was fixed in the frst firmware update so will have to see :S i guess any one heard anything along these lines ?
  3. yeah changed iso 50 , sharp +1 and still get washed out lol
  4. any one have any ideas at all ? i tried the settings i found on another forum to fix it but still bright not sure if its the firmware or the phone ? o have aust version j6 but samsung aust hasnt released a firmware update here i would put on the modaco rom but if its the camera thats faulty then cant get it repaired under warrenty ? any ideas please
  5. does anyone know of one similar for wm6 ? any help would be great. ?
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