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  1. Alright, so I've been doing a little research, and have found the answers to most of my questions. For any of you is an idiot like me and need directions, here they are: 1. How to change internet tab start page: simple registry edit: go to HKLM\software\HTC\Manila2d\InternetWidget\Customized ... there you can change the url that starts up when you click on the globe as well as rename it. 2. How to get the newest install of youtube working on the link in the internet tab. I'll link it over to where credit is due: http://www.samsung-omnia.org/manilla-2d-an...client-instead/ (hopefully I'm allowed to insert links) 3. Still can't figure out how to update the google application to the newest version (which has speak to text!) If anyone has an idea, I'm all ears.
  2. BTW, found the all in one cab for M2D on another site, and it does not work for i910. I've tried 2 different ones now. The steps above are truly the best steps to get m2d on the omnia. Only qualms (and they are minor), being able to attach newest version of googlemaps, youtube (doesn't even work on mine), and the opera browser defaults to xda-developers homepage (takes foreeeeeeeever to load).
  3. Great links! I've been trying for hours to get the other methods to work. This took 2 min! Thanks so much!
  4. Great post! Really great work! I was wondering if there was a way to download the most recent version of Google Maps and have it launch in the google maps tab when searching. Thanks for the help! Also, I'm really appreciative of the work that went into this M2D cab, but is there any way to change the default of setting the home page for the internet button from xda-developers? It seems to be cooked into the internet tab for m2d. I've tried changing it in m2dc as well as good 'ol fashioned setting my start page in Opera, but it keeps defaulting to xda. Any thoughts?
  5. thekevster.... awesome rom. One of the best I've used yet. I have a question though. I'm using the m2d version just downloaded today. If i scroll over to the browser screen and click "launch browser" or the "browser" button at the bottom, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Once again, thanks for the great ROM. Update: Such an idiot. It wasn't set up in m2d2. Thanks anyways.
  6. This rom is great. Does anyone know how to import the Opera favorites to the homepage. When I highlight that tab, it only gives me the buttons "contacts" and "go", no "Import button" Thanks for the help!
  7. Maybe he knows that Panthers > Bears. Panthers theme is great by the way.
  8. Picture looks good but for some reason m2dc won't open it. It ran the other themes I downloaded fine but would not "add" this one. I extracted it to my m2dc themes folder but can't add it. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi all. All these themes look great. I was wondering if someone would be willing to make a Carolina Panthers theme for me for my Samsung Omnia? I'd gladly donate to you for your time. Thanks in advance! :D
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