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  1. no luck, but thanks for trying :) any idea bout proxy connections? or do i need a wap connection in order to get an internet one?
  2. im desperate for them. i have a mitac 8390. can anyone help me?
  3. it would be great to even get an early 90's one that doesnt require a licience
  4. yeah i think so. i had the same problem. put your simcard into another phone (preferably your old one if you used the same sim with it) delete all text messages that show up on that phone. my mitac was trying to write something to my sim but it couldnt cause there wasnt enough space. everything works perfectly now. :D
  5. hey, hope you guys can help me. im trying to get picodrive to work, but when i go to give it a cert it cant find any cert in the store. (i have followed instructions to the letter) i also went to IE / tools/ internet options/ content/ certificates/ import and used that with the testcert_privilaged file. im not exactly sure how any of this works, but any help would be appreciated.
  6. i dont think you can, there is a translation though.
  7. is it mike christopher? he is the guy that sings the add where the guy swims to america to say sorry...
  8. well, i d/l the cert thing also, but when i went to actually gibe picodrive the cert, i couldnt choose any. it didnt give me the option to select ANY. but yeah, cheers. ill try them both again. :/
  9. i downloaded the gapi fix, and the cert thing, but im pretty sure my phone is unlocked anyways, its runs but then hangs. remember, im just a n00b. :/
  10. now i just have to get that working... :/
  11. cheers guys! martins idea worked. i deleted the messages in my inbox when they COULD be viewed in another phone, that cleared it all up!
  12. damn good idea. tried it there and no sooner do i put my sim back into my phone that the battery goes on me. :/ my smartphone still isnt that smart...
  13. ill see if anyone here knows. if not i always get a drunken chinese takaway on thursdays, ill ask them... i just put my sim into another phone, got over 20 messages :/ not good...
  14. yeah, tried all that. and put my sim into another phone and i got messages fine. this is really annoying me... :D
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