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  1. I use PimBackup and it is free to backup your contacts and schedule. Here is a copy of it. Just copy it to your phone. You can use the auto backup to backup at a scheduled time daily, weekly, etc. I do daily. It does work even when you transfer to another phone. PPCPimBackup28.exe
  2. Do you have a 2000 MAH or 3000MAH that you bought from Ebay? I cannot find a 3000 only 2000. Thanks!
  3. Yes, just connect your phone to your PC with SD 2Gb card in phone. I don't know if you have XP or Vista on your PC. If you have XP you would use Active Sync or with Vista you would use Windows Mobile Device Center to connect phone with PC. When phone is connected to the PC you will see your 2Gb card as Storage Card. Put the 8Gb SD card in a Card Reader or if you have a Card Reader on your PC. You should see the 8Gb SD card on your PC. Copy from 2Gb (all folders/files) to the new 8Gb card. Hope this helps.
  4. Here are two programs. I to set your soft keys and the other to make link/shortcuts. KeySwop.CAB LinkCreator1.2.CAB
  5. I just installed this application and really like it with the exception of the small KeyPad Skin. Are there any other larger KeyPad Skins that are available? I have done many Google Searches to no avail. Thank you in advance for your help. TonynMI
  6. I have used SPB Backup for over 3 years on my T-Mobile MDA, T-Mobile Wing and now my Omnia I900 without any problems. On my I900 I have had for 4 months I have done 1 Restore and it worked without any problems. As for the \POCKETFS.SYS I have done an IGNORED files and it has not caused me any problems. Hope this helps your fears.
  7. Here is an app that will increase your speed. Ensure that you take a backup first. Do not clock over 400 to begin with. XCPUScalar.arm.CAB
  8. What do you really have on your phone that would take up all that memory? Do you use Total Commander? If you do, check your: 1. Device 2. My Memory 3. SD Card to see what programs you have installed and where (1, 2, or 3.) Check to see if you have duplicate files with the same data. Delete duplicate files. Personally, I leave my CABs on my SD Card, just in case I need to reinstall an app while not at home or near my PC. Do you have a Memory app that clears out memory such as ClearTemp or MemMaid? MemMaid has an option to let you know the 1, 2 or 3 above storage usage. Examples: Program files, application data, Documents, My Documents, etc. Do you have a lot of apps that you don't use? Hope this helps. If you need more, let us know.
  9. Try here: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/k...d/skins.html?en http://www.spbclub.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=97 http://www.spbclub.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=97 These are the SPB Official Forum links for the Keyboard. If you can't find what you are looking for there. Just post on that forum and someone will help you.
  10. This is the version you need for the Omnia: http://www.filedropper.com/wm6ppchtcopera9-build15954wweqvga Works great! 9.5 Build 15954 Let us know if anyone has a problem.
  11. Here is a program CAB file that will correct the word suggestion for up to 4 words when you use the SPB Keyboard. duttythroy_Disable_xt9.cab
  12. Why can't HTC X-Button 2.1 work on the Omnia? If you want it, do a Backup, Google HTC X-Button 2.1, Download, Install and see what happens. Normally if an application is for WM 6.1, you can use that app on any phone. That is the nice thing about WM 6.1 OS phones. Go here to download: http://www.htcfreeware.com/HTC/categories/HTC-freeware.aspx
  13. You must have a BlueTooth Headset that supports A2DP or AVRCP Bluetooth stereo profiles. I just went through this with my I900. I ended up buying a Jabra BT8010 and really like it. Very easy to pair up and activates as soon as I play my music. There are other headsets out there that are over the head whereas the BT8010 is over the ear and may not be to your liking.
  14. I use TCPMP and have attached it for you if you want it. It is free. TCPMP_0.72RC1_ARM_PPC_recomp_03.cab
  15. I personally would see what application/programs I have installed in \Program Files\ and move some of them to My Storage or reinstall them in My Storage or even your Storage Card. I would not try a new ROM unless you really know what you are doing. You can use File Explorer or Total Command to check this. You can use ClearTemp to clear out some memory. It is free and I have attached a copy of it for you. If you have any questions, just ask. ClearTemp.cab
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