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  1. thats a very serious thread ;) . I can imagine why devs are leaving the scene with such a ungraceful and impolite posts.
  2. Is there any way to get a wifi hotspot in infrastructure mode to work?
  3. is there a language pack available?
  4. Main problem with Miui-Camera is the Camcorder Part which sucks compared to the SE Stock, (slow AF - even no AF in newer Versions, bad video quality)
  5. Hi Trip love your Miui-Roms and being on board since 1.0.4 on XDA. On the 102 I have 50 % battery left after my 9-10 h workday, with pushmail (2 accounts), about 30-60 min. calls and some sms and occocional use for facebook and modaco ;) I always do a clean install and very seldom run into troubles (most bugs reported here are due to restoring settings and userdata from other versions) BUT I have on big "request": Could you please look into making the stock SE Camera App run on you Miui? I know SE hasnt released the sources yet, if they do maybe theres a way
  6. you can google for that issue, and it becomes worse over time. first i had only problems when using 3g and gps at the same time at the end it wouldnt even charge. but as i said, it got replaced without a problem after they tried the usual "fix" (flashing again ;) )
  7. Well, that has nothing to do with the ROM, your X10 has a faulty motherboard that starts to act up due to heat issues. Mine got exactly the some problems but was replaced by SE without problem.
  8. I had the same problem, for me it was sms backup+ that somehow captured the new sms event OR that my 1500 restored sms were to much.
  9. nevermind the contact and calendar sync issue with active sync. after some reboots it suddently started to work again, maybe our exchange server maybe something else.
  10. Active-Sync Calender-Events and Contacts are no longer getting synced to the phone. It worked flawlessly in all other versions. Also in Google Navigation no Contacts at all are found but that seems to be an issue for Miui 1.8.x in general.
  11. Thx. a lot that sound very very promising. One small thing: Maybe including the black Gmail App Mod (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1191870) in the next release would complete the dark look and feel of the standard apps ;) Second thing: Looking into getting the SE Camera App on Miui would be just great!
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