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  1. is there anyway to remap my search button back to use google i hate the miui search and want to use the old search with google
  2. Trip please please please please make extended settings version I love your s*** but I love extended settings to
  3. ok guys i need some help im using s3 only because i like the extended settings but when i use the kernal from the first page my blue tooth dont work can anyone help
  4. with s3 i was able to use extended settings if i use go launcher but with s6 i cant also anybody know why i cant get root access to cach cleaner on miui roms
  5. sector hows that hd2 treating you us less fortunate ones have to wait till mid aprill just wanted to know what rom you running and maybe post some ss
  6. heres the youtube files from htc imagio hope this helps YouTubeFiles.zip
  7. i hate to sound feisty but i think its time to update your phones
  8. i just didnt like the slide out keyboard on tp2 plus it was rel bulky i cant wait till cmonex gets the hard spl for imagio this thing is gona be way rockin screen shots look awesome are you running 2.5 as well
  9. mg why didnt you go with the imagio so much potential
  10. bgill are you sticking with samsung or will you switch to htc
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