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  1. Someone please impeach Georgia Rep. Paul Broun before his religion kills us! http://t.co/xS3AKGmJ

  2. Oh. It’s not the old Zaxxon at all! Just a new crappy version!

  3. Took the Bing Search Challenge and Google won 4 out of 5. Nice pictures though, Bing!

  4. Oh! I see them now!!! I couldn't see the arrow shaped edges of the buttons. Thanks for that! I think in the old days it would say: MoDaCo > MoDaCo > Website > Forum Breadcrumbs??? These new-fangled-websites you kids are using today...... (Thanks for the name thing too!)
  5. I'm a sucker for the tattooed throwbacks. Gin Wigmore - If Only http://t.co/uC6NDuyf

  6. Andrew McCarthy will be at the library on Wednesday! http://t.co/Q9Ude2X0 #WhatAboutPromBlane?

  7. Am I missing something? When I create a post, I'm returned to the thread itself. Is there a quick way to bump up to the forum the thread is in?
  8. I have a status of "Blackjack'd" from the old website days. Any way to remove/change that?
  9. I tried Google+ (twice) and personally could not get any momentum on it because I really didnt have many family members nor friends using it. Those that I did know who tried it out (like yourself, Mono, nedge, etc) didn't use it enough for me to keep up with it daily. I wanted to like it. I really did. I like the features. I am pro-twitter/anti-facebook, and Google+ seemed to be the best of both for me. But without anyone to interact with...I was just playing by myself. I began to get Google Buzz flashbacks! Good Luck! PS. I have not read nor posted in such a long time. Love the new (to me) look of the site and the way the front page news comments finally work with the forum. Long time coming and it looks great! Looking forward to easing back into the MoDaCo world!
  10. Wha? I thought you died, Midnight! Glad to see you're still alive and working on new stuff! :D
  11. Should have done this 3 years ago. Maybe I'd still be using WinMo! I like it A LOT! Would love to see some non-MS apps on it to see how people develop for it. And not just games. Don't know about the no ActiveSync part tho...as per this video. http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/LauraFoy/Fi...-Hands-on-Demo/
  12. I was a looooong time WindowsMobile fan. Like above, since the SPV and switched to new WinMo phones waaay too often. Probably an average of 2 or three phones a year. I couldnt get enough. But then I switched to the iPhone...looked back once...but stuck with the iPhone. 2G, 3G, then 3GS. WinMo never moved forward. Overlay interfaces never interested me as it isn't a true complete UI. Just a facade with the same old UI in the background. Then there is the whole complexity of changing ROMs to get what you want, customizing the homescreen to look and function the way you want, Unlocking premium devices to work on the carrier that you use, app unlocking to use the software you want. Though I was always glad to do all of that and enjoyed the timkering....life is so much better not needing to. Developers flock to the iPhone. Quality applications are low cost thanks to quantities sold. AND I have so much free time to tinker with other things than the mandatory changes needed to make my phone function properly. Android does look like a best of both worlds option to me. Powerful phone. Lots of apps. Tweak til your heart's content (only if you want). I may make THAT switch one day...but never back to WinMo. Said bye-bye two years ago...can't look back now! :)
  13. Just got around to listening to 35. MoDaCo Mobile eh? FINALLY! Will the website change to reflect the greater interest in phones other than WinMo? Android news makes it to the front page...Will iPhone news get similar exposure? Inquiring minds want to know!
  14. Confucious stole my exact thoughts! Additionally, a unit converter, or TwitterApp at $3.99 or $5.99 vs $.99 doesnt make it a better app. iPhone has alot of apps that aren't even worth $.99 Then again...they have a lot of free apps that could sell for a price....and MS developers probably would do just that. MS better get innovative...stop with the multiple OS's and varying naming confusions. Pull the reigns in on how many models of phones they are selling...or maybe even follow the apple model and just sell their own manufactured phones...one, maybe two models. Fire some management. Hire new engineers and developers. Start all over. It's worth a shot at trying to be #1 again...better than being behind Apple, Blackberry and Android....and possibly Palm (but I doubt that).
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