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  1. For people already with root, this post with video is very easy to follow.
  2. I think it's your charger not charging it properly. I do the same as you (navigation + playing music) in my car's shield and never had a problem with heat. I live in Greece and weather gets quite warm this time of the year. Try it with another charger preferably OEM. Actually never had such issue with any of the devices I had incl. an iPhone 4 but always use car chargers with OEM specs.
  3. Dear Paul, Would it be possible to add notification toggles in the kitchen? Thanks
  4. Hi Paul, Could you please add in the kitchen the "Screen Lock button to statusbar" mod? Thanks.
  5. Is this making the signal stronger, have you tried it with this ROM? Thanks
  6. I noticed very low Wifi signal (1 to 2 bars) at home with my device. Is there a fix to make the signal stronger?
  7. Great tool, thanks! The following part I managed to do it as per this thread.
  8. +1 on that Just got a Galaxy Nexus and I have the same model. Thanks EDIT: It installs great, thanks!
  9. Just baked and downloading, no probs here
  10. Please share your battery widget? :D EDIT: It's included in the kitchen lol!
  11. Yes I know I do the same, but it doesn't recognize my voice well. It calls another contact, it works great in the AOSP ROMs. Not a big deal really I am using it not so often, it is quite funny for me to voice dial in English!
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