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  1. I have had no probems with my DHD at all, There has been been updates already on the HTC site and i have updated my DHD still working like a dream. where is this info about HTC stoping them would like to see what they r doing?
  2. Got my Desire HD on the 20th Oct on a £15 a month 300min 300txt unlimited internet and plus unlimited calls to T-mobile phone or can change it to unlimited txt or landlines on a 24month contract and only had to pay £30 for the phone plus it unlocked to any network :) CarPhoneWarehouse has got Desire HD in Blackpool well they did on the 20 Oct on any next work.
  3. just got my HD2 last week on T-Mobile as an upgrade :lol: 1st phone up T-Mobile and said that i was leveing them after being with them for 16years as i had a £35 traiff and wanted to drop to a £15 and get a phone that i liked, Well the deal they came up with was £28 and then i could have the HD2 for Free well i said that i would think about it. So i waited for an hour and phone up again ask the same thing but the rep i was talking to this time got traif down to £15 300min anytime 300txt unlimted internet and i got my HD2 for free Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice
  4. Hi guys i have just got the samsung led ue40b7020 it says that you can connect a mobile phone (i900) to the wireless router so when the phone gets a message it will show up on the tv. so any one know how to setup any help would be a great help guys :)
  5. Thank you bud it works great :D One thing how do you change the themes :angry:
  6. ok i have been trying now so much to get TouchFlo 2D (Manilla 2D - QVGA) up and running with no luck at all installed it gone to the today plung in and clicked on the TouchFlo and when its says to click to start it looks like its starting but does not at all. so what i'm i doing wrong? thanks for any help
  7. can any one upload the file to try out from the other site as u had to reg to get it and don't know spanish at all
  8. clicked on the reg file and nothing at all but i have resco registry installed on my phone yet comes up with not found resco.
  9. I was running T-Mobile and the Rom Version you r running now. I have unlocked my Omnia and i have gone to i900-OMNIA-DXIA5-UPDATE-18.03.2009 the battery is a lot better now:) try looking for the i900-OMNIA-DXIA5-UPDATE-18.03.2009 rom that works in WinXP
  10. OK i have downloaded and used it in WinXP and would like to let you know that every thing went great. Now running DXIA5 realy happy to get rid of the T-Mobile rom from the phone. How do i install DXID1_21222_vM3_2.7z on to my Omnia if i want to? Thanks again
  11. Hi guys Is there any software that can be put on to the Omnia so i can connect to my Home PC where i can start Programes Like Internet Download Manager or any other progs? thanks for any help guys
  12. ok so if i flash the rom to the new version from samsung this will be better than the T-Moblie rom. talking of the T-Moblie rom could i go back to there ROM if i have to? and does and one have the T-Moblie rom in case i want to go back. ok now i have my phone unlocked how do i go about flashing the rom from PDA i900XXHH7/BOHH5 PHONE i900BOhh2 to the new one 900MSHJ1 is this the newest rom? thanks for any help guys
  13. well if you goto the samsung site and look at the support downloads software it give ya the Samsung PC Studio 3 Samsung Download if it does not support it why r they giving the link out for the software.
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