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  1. Thank you so much, i have downloaded the JC1 rom but can you tell me where can i find the Eng CSC file?
  2. Hi Guys Please help me understand which ROM is latest and which is official, i downloaded JC1 which is the Latest Official ROM then i read somewhere that IJC is the latest official ROM. Someone please tell me what is what and all these numbers... its very confusing, i dont know which one should i flash, please advise. thanks
  3. Hi Is the JC1 or UII9 ROM latest, which 1 is the official ROM? Where can i download the English CSC to flash the JC1 ROM Thanks
  4. Hi it says install insuccessful on my Omnia II official 6.5 and B7610 Official 6.1. am i missing something??
  5. Hi My brand new phone does not wake up form sleep mode. when it goes automatically or when i click the lock button. i need to remove the battery, reinsert it and then start the phone or do a soft reset, I have hard reseted the phone couple of times and its still the same. Please help Running Win Mo 6.1 PDA DDIJ3, CSC INUIJ3, Phone XXIJ4. Applications I have installed are Resco Explorer Fake Call Oxford Dict Power SMS SPB Traveller .NET 3.5 Ssamsung SDK 2.0 Vito Audio Notes Thanks
  6. Yes please, thank you very much. thinking of buying the phone if it works. your ph is from which country?. Thanks
  7. Has anybody tried recording calls on this phone with Vito Audio Notes or Resco Audio Recorder?
  8. Hi i updated the phone to WM 6.5 through NPC 1.4 Rom J9, the samsung incoming call screen with reject with SMS option screen is gone, it snow the regular windows small screen, any idea if this feature is missing or needs to be activated or its just not there? thanks
  9. Thank you very much guys, i hope its the missing registry that does the trick. I apologize for not mentioning the ROM version the Singapore handset is XXIG6, the Indian one i got very disappointed and returned it. Thanks
  10. Hi, I live in Mumbai and i have an Omnia II from singapore which supports call recording and the quality is amazing the softwares i use are Vito Audio Notes and Resco Audio Recorder. Samsung has now officialy released Omnia II in India @ 450 US$ sim free. All the Omnia II's officially relesed i India do not support call recording, i hae tried Vito Audio Recorder on the Indian Omnia II and the file created is 0 bytes and deletes itself automatically. Is anybody else facing the same problem anywhere else?? Thanks
  11. Iam having problems with coreplayer 1.32 and 1.35 on WM 6.1 Smartphone Devices, only audio plays not video. i just get a purplish screen with the audio. the same avi files work perfectly on Windows Media. Faced the problem on Samsung i637 Jack, Samsung i200 and the new HP Ipaq Voice Messenger, all running WM 6.1. does anybody have the same problem? any solution?
  12. Thank you very much guys but im looking for a WM Standard device not a PRO device. i am currently using Omnia i900 and Omnia II GT-8000. Both work brilliantly. Iam looking for s WM standard device. Thanks
  13. hi im looking for a smartphone without hardware limitations. almost all have hardware limitations
  14. hi guys, im looking to buy a WM smartphone with proper 2 way recording support. please list all devices you know of. thank you
  15. Hi guys, can anybody point me towards the right device which can record phone calls. thanks.

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