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  1. hello I want to know who to have the TMC on with primo because I have OmniaTMC beta 2 who were working very good with igo 8.3 but now I can't find any screen on primo that speak about TMC just a case to accept in option (setting / circulation / traffic receptor ) can anyone give me helps tanks
  2. the buid 28205 is the best for my omnia all is working wifi connecting well and all other function had no problem I don't have that best result with your last one the build 28230 wifi doesn't connect thanks a lot really the best work
  3. Abdu_el

    Unbranding Omnia

    Hello, I have too just bought the same Omnia : T-Mobile Samsung Omnia in dutch (I900XKHH4/ATHH5). I didn’t find any solution to change the firmware. I work on windows xp. I put on the Microsoft active sync When I try with the an exe updater like i900XKHJ3_updater_xp_1117.EXE or any other that I found After put on the firsts thinks 1. Make sure that active sync works (ok) 2. Make sure the battery is completely charged (ok) He told me that the software aren’t the good one and control the device I want to change the firmware into English or into French version. Can you help me please if you found any solution to resolve your problem? P.S. : on the attachement there is the what i juste told in an doc file Hello.doc

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