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  1. Hi OCK, Thanks for reply. Yes, you're right, the dialer didn't support wqvga, which i didn't notice at all. I did it in the middle of the night...ha.... So far, only Icon Changer cannot use. It actually appear error, but the error word disappear quite fast that i couldn't see is there any error message. i'm goin to try your new ROM soon... Thanks BRO for your fast reply and suppport......
  2. Hi OCK, thanks for your ROM. First time i was using premium 23557, then after that i flash to M2D23557 only. I encounter few problems, first is that i couldn't edit the photo in the contacts. It only works after i installed the lite_photoalbum.cab from someone. 1. After that, i try to change the icons set from DINIK anatasia. So, i installed the Icon Changer V2.6.cab. After i right click the icon, select "change icon", no new window appear for me to choose new icon set. So, i couldn't change the icon for extra cab that i installed. 2. I try to install also the DINIK anatasia dialer v2.0. It doesn't change the default black dialer. Is that anything else i should do, in order to change it? So far only these problems i encountered. The ROM is stable and fast. Thank you very much....for your hard work.....
  3. Hi all, and thanks for the all the useful tips and info on how to mount the panel. I'm from Malaysia, i bought it in Subang for around like 20euro and i'm just done mounted it. It works like charm, i no longer need to use finger nail which i've been doing for a year plus. Let's hope the screen sensitivity last longer, bcoz look at the digitizer that i bought, is like fake thingy that make me feel unsecured and no confident for it. Thanks all.
  4. It works for me as well....thx alot.....i just went to samsung SC today to ask about the price of the new screen...now i've no need to change it....thx..
  5. i was stuck in align screen? any bro can help? previously i was using Shokka v23 6.5rom, now flash to this rom, but i just get thru the align screen stage.... NEED HELP.....
  6. I'm currently using V18. I'm facing one problem lately after using WMWifiRouter, and the wifi icon in Setting/Connections is actually missing. http://img29.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1sln.jpg/ And then, i can't activate wifi/ turn-on wifi anymore. Anyone could help me with this? BTW, just knew that V19 has been released. Thanks Shokka9 for your great ROMs, always my favorite ROM, ever. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Krazy Radd...this is due to the slowness of so called WiMAX technology. I was in my room with very poor signal, so the page doesn't actually load properly after i clicked post. Then i refresh a few times, so it posted a few times the same stupid reply....hahhaa.... :angry: Anyway, i 'm still not sure why the screen is not responsive, i think i should fall back to v17 instead. Lately the gps can't really lock to the satelites, not sure what happened, but usually for the previous ROM b4 v17, the gps locked quite fast, maybe within 1 /2 mins. Now it seems quite slow... how to add photo here? i wan to show the error popped up after using shave and shave, but dunno how to do it.
  8. Ya, i was thinking of the same thing why no one actually make the photo/caller photo become larger in size.....
  9. I tried to figure out if part of the screen sensitivity is not good, but can't figure out.
  10. Thx for the new ROM. But i found one problem after installed this new rom is that, the sensitivity of the screen is not sensitive at all. I have to touch really hard on the screen then only it works. But, sensitivity for Today is ok, taskbar is ok, but only when u try to browse using file explorer of total commander, the sensitivity is really low. Not sure what happened, but just want to share. Another problem is that, CHomeEditor, when i click exit button, a small window appeared titled basic4ppc and written "An error occurred on sub_main_exitandsave_click." and below it Win32Execution Continue? button for yes and no. Just wan to know if anyone else facing this problem? Because i don't see anybody saying about hte sensitivity, might be i'm the only one facing it. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks bro...it works very well.....thx a lot
  12. i try to install it ...the htc audio manager u mentioned, but it doesn't has the trimmer.
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