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    GPS Dead

    Hello, I have your same problem. GPS seems to be dead. It doesn't work anymore. How have you solved? I have a Samsung i8000 Omnia 2 with Nogarder A-GPS Suddenly, VisualGPS doesn't get any satellite (neither the grey ones)... last time i used it (one week ago) it fixed perfectly in 15 seconds! Now it seems really dead! I tried to refresh AGPS data, nothing. In Nogarder GPS Utility i cannot get any signal also if in totally open spaces with blue sky, i tried it for over 30-40 minutes, no satellites!! No signal! I have never touched NOTHING in the GPS configuration... it stopped to work from a day to another. I tried also to reflash but nothing to do..... I can't belive it!!! Someone can halp me? :(

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