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  1. oh man that is bad news indeed, even if you flash it again with an old rom doesn't fix ? I hope it be only a software problem
  2. Hi Khuanchai, I'd like to know if you could test the performance of the new 21215 ROM on this issues that have been noticed in previous 21210, I've only quote from the Chokias's post the ones that I have experienced: X. Wifi autodisconnects on standby mode/lockscreen. (without wifi save mode) X. Sometimes the phone doesnt lock properly, doest show the lock screen and u still can touch the screen, but you cant go to todays screen. Also if its configured to lock when device wakes up, when its woken it takes 3 or 4 seconds to appear the lock screen, leaving the chance to use the screen in the meantime. X. When you click picture file in file explorer, it takes forever to open and display it in HTC Album. The phone seems hang when you do that. You need to press cancel button and all the sudden the picture open in HTC album. X.Default image directory in some applications only seems to be "My Pictures" in main memory. thanks!!!
  3. Yes it is boring without a new rom! And more boring yet if the last ROM has no bugs (but thats a good thing too!) so there's no much to fix. Regarding Wifi I've taken your advice and looking: power save was unchecked, and tried to change the lock feature to not lock when the device wake up, but it still disconnecting wifi in standby mode. :D
  4. I have the lite 21210 ROM, and i am trying to configure wifi not to turn off when device is in standby. I go to settinggs system power and then, the wifi option unchecked "Enable Wifi power-saving mode", but it doesn't seem to work, the wifi disconnects anyway. Do you know how I could fix this?
  5. Please dont forget to write in english for respect to other users. (I speak spanish too, but thats not the point). You may flash it with the lite 2121o it works great on my omnia (i bought mine in Personal, Argentina) There is an excellent tutorial on how to flash in spanish: http://www.htcspain.com/foro-f118/antes-de...eed-t14168.html If you follow the steps very carefully, you'll be ok! In that tutorial there is a reference to have the "modem drivers" installed, I recomend you to download one of the roms posted THERE NOT FOR FLASHING THE PHONE but for getting the drivers they include in the zip, as I'm certain that those drivers worked ok on my flashings. Once you have the drivers installed, just flash it with the 21210 lite ROM. This is the best ROM I've tryed it has no bugs, stable and solid as a rock, great work of our cooker here Khuanchai. Here is where you can get the drivers inside the Zip of the rom (they put it in a separate Directory inside the zip) http://www.htcspain.com/foro-f118/rom-sams...ila-t17621.html Read carefully and happy flashing!!
  6. Yes i hate that animation too.. been googling but theres nothing about it
  7. Oh but some day it will ran out of luck I hope, It cannot survive us all hehe.. So many customization options and we still have that screen that doesn't match with anything but the original (brown and ugly) Omnia default skin of 6.1 I've been searching and there is no much about it in google yet :excl:
  8. I'm sorry my english is not very good.. I was wondering if this new ROM has a different image than the one I've posted when sending SMS. I've tested ROMS of different cookers in 6.1 and now in 6.5 (your 3-in-1 its the best no doubt about it, I have the 21500, didnt tested 21210 yet) and it was calling my attention that with so many changes I've seen in them (taskbar icons, menus and all) that one is the same in all i've seen.
  9. I know its a silly question... but doy you know if in the 21210 version has new effects? Like chaging this image as an example thanks!!
  10. I have flashed with this phone.bin a few days ago and works great!! I think it consumes less battery than the one i was using (an i900l phone part from Claro Venezuela) and it has better signal too Thanks Seth Cold!!
  11. Maybe I would only keep opera , although I have preference for build 15233 wich I would finally install by cab. 3-in-1 is a good idea! (If you make the rom without opera what would be the explorer in m2d?) Khuanchai, speaking about M2d, would you please tell me how did you manage to make that bookmarks in opera gets automatically added to m2d in the actual 3-in1 ? I changed the version of opera (apologize!) and lost that! Maybe changing the location of cache or wherever the bookmarks are stored? Thank you very much,and again, your work is excelent!!
  12. Works Excelent! Altough it seems now I cannot make clinks show, did you manage to solve that?
  13. Yes I think it's a matter of personal preferences, 15746 feels faster for me, the other one felt lagged, of course thats my personal opinion. Anyway, I have to figure out how to get videos in the webpages again, as i lost them when i installed 15746. Solution seems to be here re installing flash: http://www.htcmania.com/attachment.php?att...mp;d=1237737119
  14. Ok thanks to SPB Backup (used soo many times) I've got to install the 15746 version of Opera (the one with the zoom on the side), that solutioned the default browser issue and it's in my opinion a better browsing experience than 15954 version. The only thing I will miss is the automatic addition fo the bookmarks to the internet tab in manila... maybe there's a solution for that too... Testing a bit more, looks like i lost the possibiliti to look flash ! Here is the cab I used (from xda developers forum) http://rapidshare.com/files/20363730...6_WWE_QVGA.cab PS: Please delete the link if it doesnt complies with the forum rules that i've posted it (and my apologize if it is so)
  15. Also, I see that in this ROM the Opera is not the default browser (once a pop up menu asked for this and i answered no), because if I click on a link in a Mail, it goes to IE. Is it possible to change that? thanks in advance!
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