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  1. this is just awesum maan !! where didja get this from?? and does this require root access also?
  2. finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P thanks sagar and the rest of the gang at o2. now all i need is a holiday somewhere to get to use a local sim there :D
  3. is it any better then the original one?? as in how long before next charge on an average? from where and whats the price? :D
  4. common ppl , need this sagar guy's email addy, been waiting for 2 weeks now and no reply yet. :D puhleajzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. anyone got this sagar guy's email addy? :unsure: need to chase up on my unlock code that was promised on the 22nd of dec, too. cheers
  6. this is what i got finally outta a customer service adviser tonight :) Welcome to O2 live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon. You're through to Belinda. Belinda: Hi I'm Belinda. How can I help? Dr.W: hello Belinda Belinda: Hello Dr.W: i was wondering if i could talk to someone about my phone unlocking Belinda: I'll do that for you Belinda: Is 07********** the mobile number you need help with? Dr.W: yupp Dr.W: and thanks Belinda: Please can you tell me the first and third character of the answer to your security question? Dr.W: ** Dr.W: is it? Belinda: Thanks Belinda: Do you want to unlock your iPhone? Dr.W: great ;) Dr.W: no its a dell streak Belinda: I'll do that for you Dr.W: thanks Belinda: PLease provide me the IMEI number by pressing *#06# Dr.W: one second Belinda: Sure take your time Dr.W: 3************** Belinda: Thanks Belinda: Please wait while i arrange this to be unlocked. Dr.W: sorry it was on charge :D Dr.W: sure Dr.W: is there anything that i need to do or should i just wait? Belinda: It's done Belinda: And will be unlocked within 7-24 days Belinda: Sorry 7-14 days Dr.W: wow, great thanks Belinda: : ) Belinda: Is there anything else I can help you with? Dr.W: ive been trying to get this unlocked since ages and wasnt getting anywhere with my emails Dr.W: thanks again Belinda: You're welcoem Belinda: It was a pleasure chatting with you. Belinda: Have a nice evening and Merry Christmas!!! Dr.W: same here and you too Belinda: Take care !! now that wasnt half as bad as i had thought hehe ;) cant wait fro my unlock codee now hehe
  7. sorry dude, dont know the link addy but it sure is fast and very responsive since teh update. only downside is the limited number of apps that one can place on a home screen other then that loving the new UI, the portrait mode and swype etc. One thing that i just noticed was that the weather thingy doesnt update by itself for some reason, since yesterday, searching for my location while ive added it manually like a gazillion times :) never the less, a welcomed improvement i must say ;)
  8. any news on the unlocking from o2 guys? i had emailed them twice in the past with a flat no, on both the occasions. so im hoping this time arround i can convince them otherwise if i know of more ppl who have been successful.
  9. any luck with htc sence then ? guess not, heck id pay for it too if was available :)
  10. hmm i tried teh o2 thingy, they didnt even acknowledge my email :lol: but im gonna keep on pushing till i get one B) anyways, do you guys the desk top charger for slacker g2 radio would work for a streak ??
  11. yeah same problem here...i got mine from someone else here, so not registered with em, :lol: and the link leads to the registeration page which says beta has expired, unless i am missing something here.
  12. o2 werent that helpfull when i had an earlier handset issues with them ( xperia with the mysterious cracks :lol: ) anyways in the end sent the unit to SE and got a new one delivered within a week. but good to know things have changed now.
  13. now this is p*ssing me off :) i think im gonna call o2 customers service again and try my luck, though i seriously doubt they'd be as considerate :lol:
  14. Prety snazzy i must say. I have two cases, pne from dell teh hard plastic one (which i dont mind) but the other one that i got from amazon was prety crap, had a belt clip and to me nothing says a "nerd" more than having a phone on your belt :lol:
  15. Lucky git !!!! i tried something like that on o2 but got a flat no !!!! :lol:
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