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  1. I had the first version, I shall try the second version this time to see if it fixes any of the problems. Thanks. And yes I did about 3 hard resets followed by a re-flash and another 2 hard resets, same problem every time :S
  2. I seem to be having alot of issues with this rom :S (unlike past Sector roms, thanks for your work btw :)) Anyway my problems consist of: Camera not taking photos (it just freezes the phone when it takes the photo) HTC Album not working (Cant set a default folder, cant browse properly, freezes phone) Cant scroll properly in file explorer (really jolty and just doesnt work) Basically the phone freezes alot more often which is quite annoying. Ill add more if I remember some more.
  3. I have the same problem, fixed it by not going onto modaco on my phone :)
  4. The only thing holding me back from getting another winmo phone is the gay 65K screen. If there was a 16M colour winmo phone, I would get it straight away.
  5. My facebook/google work (i dont use twitter) using my connections made by the phone when I flashed it. But the 3d sms is still now working properly, when I click reply, it loads the message then exits :S
  6. That works, however when I press reply, it loads the message screen then exits to the 3d sms again :S
  7. Everything ran smoother on 6.1 because 6.1 had been official for such a long time. 6.5 is still in beta (i think it still is, either that or it recently went official), hence new builds are coming out every few days with bug fixes/cosmetic fixes etc, hence why our dedicated cooks are able to make us new roms every couple of days. Its not their fault if their roms seem "half way done" because they can only work with what theyre given, and they do a damn good job of it. And you really gotta experiment to see whos roms you like best, personally, I like Ryzys roms.
  8. Sectors newest rom doesnt have this issue anymore, so I would just upgrade your rom.
  9. I still think there is a noticeable delay. Could you possibly readjust it to a smaller value (quicker response/lower delay) for the next rom? Thanks
  10. Changing the screen is more invasive than changing the rom. So if only one of them was to void the warranty, itd be the screen change. Also, if you want to take it back after a rom change, just flash it back with an official rom and they wont be able to tell the difference.
  11. I cant get it to install either :D, looks very interesting and promising tho!
  12. Ive had some issues with PIMBackup and restoring things. My suggestion: re-restore your messages using PIMBackup, and do a soft reset after its done.
  13. You dont need to buy it. Just download it and it will work. Also, mine didnt work when i disabled it after i changed settings, so I have mine enabled now :D
  14. Installing FTouchSL and making the timeout 0ms seems to work :angry:
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