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  1. I am using the naked ROM. Anyone having issues with Phone Alarm. WHne I install it on my phone it goes to 100% CPU utilization. It seems that the Device.exe is not happy with it. As soon as I uninstall it everything is fine
  2. One other issue is that I will be working in a program and then all of the sudden it till revert back to SPB screen and close the other program.....I think
  3. Kind of funny came back because I ran into the same thing. It has happened three times to me today. I tried to call the phone when this has happened and noticed that the when I call it it sounds like it should be ringing but it is not. Basically rebooted it and went on with my day. But after the third time decided maybe I need to go to 1.3 and hope this fixes the problem?
  4. For those that are having this problem it does not look like there is a fix or at lease I have not heard anything. I have posted in many other places with no resolution. I did a hard reset and have the same issue. I find it hard to believe that some don't have the problem.. Maybe it is a setting or something else. It also seems as if there are other phones experiencing the same issue
  5. I have tried everything and cannot get the VM indicator working on the Omnia. It works fine on PhoneAlarm but cannot get it to work on SPB MS. Please Please can anyone help.
  6. Just want to say great ROM. I Love it. Lots of memory left and it responds quickly. I like the SBP menu option. I use it so your ROM was the best to use. Any new updates coming anytime soon?
  7. What is everyone waiting on. Why wait for VZW. There are better ROMS out there. I loaded one yesterday http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specific-omnia-rom-discussion/286884/omnia-i910-rom-by-blazingwolf/ ://http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-...y-blazingwolf/ and it is great. I don't even thinkthat Samsung can come up with anything better. It gives me SO much extra memory to put in extra applications.
  8. Man thanks. This has been driving me nuts since the flash
  9. OK I thought I was the only one having that issue. Dont think it is a battery issue. It happen to me three times today and one time yesterday.
  10. Danger Danger Danger....Do not load this unless you want to reload everything
  11. phoneAlarm does not seem to stay on when put in the configuration file. phoneAlarm apparently runs inside the shell script and because it actually is not running as a process there is no way to keep it running. Anyone find a solution for this,
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