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  1. i should have been more specific. my data settings are fine, i have always had to put them in myself after a flash. my weather updates fine on data. everything thats supposed to work on data works perfectly fine. when it comes to my browser, it just doesnt work. turn on wifi, and it works like a charm. ive had this issue since a19
  2. my browser only seems to work with wifi but not with data. ive had this problem before and i cant seem to find a fix. ive wiped everything and flashed numerous times and it still doesnt work. any ideas?
  3. i suggest you read the thread before posting Known Issues * Bluetooth does not work reliably * FM Radio finds stations but does not produce any sound * Footprints camera view is rotated 90 degrees * USB mount notification does not fire - use 'USB Mount' application from menu.
  4. thanks for your reply, tried it but it still doesn't work. I've wiped and flashed over and over and it still doesn't work. i'll try the next release whenever it comes out. for now, im going back to CM or try r13
  5. is it a bug that my web browser doesn't work when using data? it works when using Wifi. Everything else seems to work on data. I've wiped everything but the partition option and it's still not working. I just reflashed it and we'll see what happens edit: nope. not working. :-?
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