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  1. Hey guys - does anyone know of any application that can be loaded that acts as a text counter? Something that you can reset each month to keep track of outgoing/sent text messages? It would be helpful for those that don't have unlimited texting. Thanks!
  2. Hey all - sorry if this may not be the right place - but I am looking for cheap online (Canadian Stores if possible) stores to purchase accessories like DataCables , Chargers , Cases etc.. for the Jack.. Does anyone have any favorite reliable online stores I can take a look at? Thank you!
  3. What size memory/storage card are you guys using in your phones with the maps? Does anyone use anything other that Garmin Maps?
  4. I want to unlock my i616 but I am having issues with Permissions etc.. It says I don't have permission to install certain cab files. Has this happened to anyone else before?
  5. Hey all, I tried to install that cab onto my i616 and it won't let me complet the install. Any ideas around this?
  6. Thanks man, my fido device arrived in the mail today. Probably gonna go somewhere local to get it done while i am driving around tomorrow on the spot. I want to throw on the GPS stuff as soon as I get a chance as well. You recommend a particular GPS Map to install? Is it hard to install it and get it going? I don't have a dataplan (nor do I want to pay for one with Rogers).
  7. Thanks Clock - have you used the service before? What sites have you used?
  8. Thanks man! Appreciate the link.. I was looking at doing it online - but wondering on the safety/security of it. Would giving my IMEI # to a site like http://www.gsmphonesource.com/reun.html give them the ability to hack/access my device? Sorry if that sounds dumb..but you never know.
  9. Hi all, amazing forum with great info here!! I was hoping you can help me though - as i am a really new guy to the world if hacks and unlocking! I will be getting a Samsung Jack i616 currently locked on the FIDO Network - but I would like to unlock it for the Rogers Network. Is there a way that I can do it at home / on the device without having to bring it in anywhere? Also - can the GPS be unlocked so that I can use it without paying into a dataplan? So it acts like a standalone Garmin/TomTom/Magellan etc.. Sorry for the newbie style intro and question - I've heard alot about you all and how helpful you have been to many others! Thanks!
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