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  1. Ye i wanted to remove the UK o2 custom settings, they set the web browser to o2 Yahoo so searching is a pain. Also HTC euro rom has a new radio and have fixed graphics issuses and more stable. As o2 uk hasnt pushed out the HTC update it would be nice to have the phone generic incase o2 decide they will block MS updates when they arrive in 2011.
  2. Hi Guys Is anyone working on a SuperCID or HardSLP unlock for the HD7? Would be nice to Flash the Euro Rom to my network blocked device. Or does anyone know of a way to mod the generic HTC rom without getting invalid vendor id? Cheers
  3. Its something to do with live account not doing something correctly as it wouldnt log into Zune, xbox live, marketplace, or hotmail. Mind you i could log into all the sevices via the pc just fine.
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