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  1. Any word on tethering support for the Dell Venue Pro? The LG and Samsung WP7 phones have all had tethering enabled, but the last I heard the debug menu in the Dell didn't have an option to enable it. It's one of the few features in a phone that I do actually need...
  2. I dunno, I think it'd probably be useful to be honest. I've got a Touch HD at the moment and the pixels are a constraint on the clarity of small text. The HD2/7 have bigger screens but the same resolution so the problem's only worse I expect. Plus is it so wrong not to want to give smug Apple fan boys another reason to be smug... In any case, this is all orthogonal to the original question. Last year there was talk of HTC releasing an actually HD screen Win7 phone (720p) which is even better than the iPhone 4. Is something along these lines actually going to happen?
  3. Have there been any indications for how long we'll have to wait before WimMo7 devices get released with better than WVGA resolutions (like the iPhone 4 etc.)? I know MS specified WVGA for the launch devices, was this just to minimise launch issues or will it take an OS update before we can even hope to see above WVGA resolutions? Tom
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get ActiveSync on my HTC Touch HD (on T-mobile UK) to sync with my university's new exchange server. The instructions for setting up the Exchange connection in Outlook say that the connection has to go through a proxy, but I can't seem to get this to work on my mobile. I've set up a work-connection with the right proxy details (and I've tried it both with and without the connection settings copied across from the main internet connection and with and without wifi connected) and I added an exception to ensure that connections to the exchange server are routed through the work connection. It still is not syncing though (and the error messages aren't particularly descriptive). Any ideas? A link to a guide to setting up Exchange ActiveSync when the connection has to go through a proxy server would be incredibly useful. Thanks, Tom P.S. The instructions for setting up a manual connection in Outlook are here: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nexus/email/outlook2007/outlook2007config.xml.ID=oldUser
  5. I'm hopeful for it coming out on T-Mobile. But I guess it won't be till well into next year.
  6. Hmm. There's no reason why this has to be the case. In the worst case scenario you just give everything twice as many pixels, which though pointless isn't particularly harmful (beyond the minor battery life and CPU effects). However there are loads of pretty major advantages. While browsing for example, I would happily accept tiny fonts in order to squeeze more on to the screen on some sites, something that VGA enables while still preserving some degree of readability. And likewise with gaming, there are many old PC games now ported to WM that are designed to run at VGA and don't really work at any other res. And lets not forget that viewing photos on any screen is more satisfying the higher the pixel density. (I'd also mention films, but the impression I get is that the current gen of CPUs can't handle VGA video decoding, though this will change soon no doubt.)
  7. Hmm. This is pretty tempting. If only they'd stick the eten x800's screen in it and we could have best of both worlds. Any news on availability on T-mobile? Any wild rumours about HTC finally releasing a small VGA device? Tom
  8. Yeah but people like eye candy. Plus it demonstrates the capabilities of the chip. Would be great for games. It's an interesting phone in any case (800x480 screen). Tom
  9. You can see the phone at: http://akihabaranews.com/en/fr/news-13316-...;EM+Mobile.html And a video of NVidia's UI for it at: Tom
  10. Just stumbled upon this thread. Are you sure 3 are releasing the TyTN? Any idea when? 3 do tend to be pretty competitively priced. Tom
  11. HTC say they have no intention of providing an update for WM6 on existing devices: News item on mobilitytoday.com Tom
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