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  1. larsdennert

    Desire Car cradle

    I ordered one of these but don't have my phone yet so not sure on the fit. I liked that it charges right from the outlet. http://www.netimes.com/shop/cigarette-ligh...ml?cPath=80_731
  2. larsdennert

    No Tasks - Have HTC lost it?

    checkK out touchdown
  3. larsdennert

    Getting Saga i770 GPS working

  4. I knew there had to be a way to get My Location working on the Saga. After all it works on an ipod touch. So here you go! For those of us with locked down gps chips, you can use wifi triangulation. It took me a while to figure it out because I got it work sporadically and not consistently. Took a while to figure out what I wasn't doing right. Here's how to do it. Download and install the latest version http://www.google.com/gmm Turn on wifi Run google maps and push the blue locate me button. Sounds stupidly simple huh? Well here's the trick. Make sure you are NOT connected to any wifi hotspot. This is what took me a while because I have an Ad hoc network setup that gets connected to by default for tethering. The easy fix is set the wifi to only connect to access points. What this does is keeps the wifi adapter searching for access points continuously. That info is then accessible to GM. If you get a message saying your location is temporarily unavailable, fear not because it is working but can't find you at the moment. If you get a message saying it appears that your handset is not compatible, you either don't have wifi on or you have it on but are connected to a hotspot. I know this isn't as good as gps and doesn't work in the boonies but at least it opens the door for doing location based searches in GM until VZW sees clear to open the gps chip. Cheers!
  5. larsdennert

    New ROM for Omnia i910

    Pray for us poor Saga folks that we too will be blessed with a working gps... I'm lost without it. :excl:
  6. larsdennert

    Too many emails are being pulled

    This is a defect in the WM6.1 implementation of pop. Use IMAP.
  7. larsdennert

    MOTO Q 9c does not allow access to GPS

    The VZW version is locked down too and only works with VZnav. The Sprint version seems to work fine from reports.
  8. You have to add a midlet manager like jbed
  9. larsdennert

    any browser needed

    www.skyfire.com browse almost any content included embedded video.
  10. larsdennert

    WM5torage v 1.72

    I have a MotoQ and v1.72 never shows up as a drive letter at all on XP SP2. v1.73 comes up with a drive letter but as an empty drive. I dug up version 1.32 and it works fine. FYI...
  11. larsdennert

    Moto Q + Clearvue and Tmo SDA

    You probably need an updated version. I ran into this too. Did you know the Q already has office viewers? And go check out Ptab! You can edit excel.
  12. larsdennert

    disable flight mode for i600

    If the battery goes 100% dead the phone memory will be erased and you will be left with an empty phone and need to sync it again as I recall.
  13. larsdennert

    Outlook Task Sync and Usage

    Oxios todo list is out there too. Crashes sometimes but is very comprehensive.
  14. larsdennert

    Download i600 WM 2003 Upgrade for free...

    I know this is a really old thread but people are still finding non-upgraded i600 phones and wanting to go to WM2003. Since the links above are dead, you can go to http://www.larsdennert.com/misc and click on smartphone for the verizon version of the files.
  15. larsdennert


    Personally, I love the ignore user function...

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