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  1. File Name: unrar zip File Submitter: ironlight File Submitted: 12 Jul 2010 File Category: Utilities - Phone Management in zip not rar Click here to download this file
  2. no one cares? this is a huge thing and all u gotta do is find a way to make it fullscreen. just rotate screen, start program, load rom and play. it just needs to be fullscreen. it runs fullspeed with sound on my jack. someone fix it!!!!!!!
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  4. why dont u try GBA on smartphone. that would make money. i can make it run on my samsung jack but the screen is to small. i need someone who can code to figure out a way to make it fullscreen. it also runs at full speed with sound (frameskip of 1) although a bigger screen might slow it down. my jack has a 528 mhz processor if that matters at all. could u make it work?
  5. ive figured it out without all that work and u dont need a cursur utility. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=post&a...38&t=237177
  6. on my samsung jack all i had to do was get rotate my screen. i used jz mortscript to do it but u can use any screen orientation utility i would guess. then just ran gbace from my storage card. only thing is that the screen is small but it runs in square sqreen with the screen rotated and its right side up. so u dont gotta hold ur phone sideways. if someone could get the picture to appear bigger on the screen it would work perfectly. buttons are also fully mappable. can anyone help?
  7. im running them on my i607 and they work flawlessly. and the configure is fine but for some actions u gotta hold the call button and press the action button at the same time. like jumping and things that arent directly related to combat. i upgraded my framework before i ran them because i was told it helps with 3D rendering and speed. duke 3D runs at 35 to 40 fps on my blackjack so its really good. i also got the full game wad file so mine is duke 3D ATOMIX. B)
  8. just go her and download. everything is already done for u. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=370925 these all work perfectly. i just copied the files from the rar to my sd card and ran them. and the half life and quake 2 rar files will have different names but they are what they are supposed to be.
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