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  1. With reasonable assurance that passwords are protected, which it sounds like you are confident of, I feel a bit better about this. Appreciate you taking the time to address this.
  2. I use the HTC Rezound and I just got my A+ cert!!
  3. Banned for killing this thead
  4. Yes but i believe you are talking about the Incredible 'S' which is an upgraded incredible for overseas (outside the USA) Also not to be rude but when i was talking about the incredible it was may 20th... 2010 :D:D that was a year ago, lol. would love to get the sensation but not going to t-mo for it
  5. Banned for having a potty mouth!!
  6. Yea android stole me away from my omnia, what really blows is that since there is like NO action in the Incredible section i quit coming here altogether. This is/was my first forum experience and modaco will always hold a special place in my heart but i had to move on. Am staff at a android website with over 5k posts and i owe that to the great experiences i had hear... the community in the omnia sections was GREAT and i really enjoyed my time there. Have seen quite a few users from my days here at my new home, was always pretty cool to see people i 'knew' from here around the web. Thanks Modaco!!
  7. Incredible is CDMA as well. I've not heard of anyone using it over seas.. i don't think its possible honestly
  8. I haven't been on for ages either!! Woo Hoo, LOL.
  9. Was worried about the same stuff. Ended up going with the incredible and the transition was smooth as pie. X looks nice but almost too big and i'm not a fan of motorola. Coming from the omnia (or even omnia 2) you wouldn't believe how much better the phone responds to whatever you want it to do. Market is of the hook and androidforums is a great community. (sorry love modaco but the android section seems dead as hell, for the incredible at least)
  10. got it june 26th, LOVING IT!!!! So dead in here, all the action it seems is at android forums. Sucks cause this site is what really made my omnia a 1st rate phone.....
  11. OMG, ordered 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my phone!!!!!!! I'm getting all ansy in my pansy!!! Anyone else feel my pain?
  12. ordered mine 5 days ago, gonna be weeks before i actually get it :)
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