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  1. A slight problem with top bar, letters overlapping in Portrait. And Some Of the Hi Res Icons are a bit transparent, but still great. Going smoothly so far
  2. interestin hearing that it works for you joason07. Ive read from many different places that pointui tends to eat alot of ram, more than M2D, and that battery life becomes poor! Wats ur Ram like at the mo?
  3. QLD REPRESENT! :( lol very nice mate. Whos rom u running it on? I tried Pointsense UI few weeks back, but the experience wasnt that good after a while, dunno maybe i did sumtin wrong?! Got laggy, and the interface just seemed to get annoyin to navigate for some reason, in the end i wasnt overly satisfied. Hows Landscape on the homepage go with your setup? Do all the icons just become jumbled up or do they neatly line up when turned on the side. Looks very fluent i must admit, cant get over how smooth it looks. U may have converted me back lol. Think u got alot of people interested ere, so now u may have to spill the beans and the setup.........job well done !
  4. Well i read this and thought this was bizzare coz i didnt have this issue, but just a couple of minutes ago, i now have this problem! So x2 for this bug (M2Dv2 Rom build 22004).... strange one though, never experienced this before, im sure theres a simple fix.....hopefully! Been running this rom for about 3 days without troubles untill now!
  5. Just wanted to personalise some things within this rom, just the start up and shut down sounds, but whenever i try to copy into windows folder i get 'You do not have permission to create this item" ive tried both copying from the computer desktop and even within the phone itself through file explorer. Any ideas to get around this so i change the sounds without being stopped........its startin to get frustrating now, and ive looked everywhere for answers. By the way, battery life on the beta 2 M2d rom is amazing, no bugs!!
  6. Thanks and know all of this already tho. Wat you've suggested doing by replacing the 2 files under the windows folder ive already tried as i stated a few posts back, but i get an error that comes up saying "I DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION" this "PERMISSION" issue is wat im trying to bypass so it allows me to copy the files into the windows folder. I know once i can do this all will be good, but untill then................
  7. I have M2D installed already, but it only changes the background for homescreen, im looking at every tab i select to have that same background rather than the built in background. Home screen is fine, thats changed, but none of the weather, launcher etc menus have changed. This is wat im trying to change......thanks anyway!
  8. 21889 M2Dv2 Beta 2 is gr8. This has to be the first 6.5 rom ive found to work so smooth and well for me, i may have been officially converted :) Im trying to change the background image on every tab screen and not just the home page, any ideas? Ive tried via windows folder and re naming the image hh_fw_Background for it to obviously work, however WM just tells me i have no permission when trying to put the new background in the windows folder and override the original. Is there a workaround for this? Image Below
  9. currently using a 6.1 rom of Ryrzy's - 21054 lite. So far so good, and still have battery today :) Ive installed Sztupy's all in one Manila 2d installer also (M2Dv1) For me 6.5 at the mo is still bugging me, seems to work for some, n not for others. WM 6.1 roms seem to be far more stable.....Maybe once WM7 comes along and people start with the cooking of those roms, 6.5 will then be stable......but saying that the I900 scene will prob slow down id say by the time WM7 comes, more focus on the newer OmniaII or an even newer Omnia if Samsung continue the model!
  10. Yeah i did that. But i run rotation service for Using Navigation to run in landscape, just doesnt seem to work. Maybe this rom dont like rotation service!?!
  11. anybody know whats up with screen rotation yet? This is the only thing holding me back.......
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