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  1. Had the statement been "Mobile devices require significantly less development" then I think that there would be more room to agree with what was said. I suppose it depends on the types of applications that you are developing. I usually develope what most would classify as enterprise solutions. Typically if I am working on a mobile application it is made with a single user in mind and made to act as a client; it's functionality is usually dependent on server functionality. When I am doing development for a server, service, or what ever your term preference is then I'm going to be working with something that has more moving parts. Typically the server side solution is going to require multiple machines. Some of these machines are running unique applications to provide specific pieces of functionality while others may be there for redundancy to be ready to run when another machine fails. These machines tend to have more sensative data and their functionality is usually more critical to the business. More effort is made on securing the servers from a software perspective and from a physical security perspective. Those servers may also need to interface to third party solutions further increasing the potential complexity of the solution. So for the scenarios in which I usually work I can see statement as being true. For some other scenarios I am sure that his statement will seem totally unjustifiable. It is hard to nail down whether or not his statement is true without further information on the context in which he meant it.
  2. I wouldn't even call it cracked since the protection isn't there. On first attempt I successfully transferred an application between two of my devices. The actual protection with the device ID and a license won't be available until later this year.
  3. My hopes were raised and then dashed. I had thought this meand T-mobile USA :-(
  4. I'm kind of surprised to see this story resurfacing across the various blogs. If we go back and review the initial announcements from Microsoft it was stated the Marketplace would not be available to pre 6.5 WM builds at all. At a much later date the announcement was made about pre 6.5 builds getting the marketplace at the end of the year. Microsoft had never stated directly or implied that the 6.0/6.1 folks would get the marketplace on the same date as 6.5.
  5. I've manually managed my applications too. But a centralized application discovery point has its advantages. I went to a mobile developers conference where we were all given badges with QR codes. If we wanted to exchange contact information all we needed to do was scan each other's badge with our phones. I pulled out my Windows Mobile phone and tried to use the browser to search for QR code readers. I got back results from the search engine but then had to go through them to ensure they were actually for Windows mobile phones, were free, and compatible with my phone. I realized I wasn't going to have quick success so I ended up using my iPhone to get the application that I needed. I'm not lazy and I have no problem installing an application manually. I'm a Software Engineer and frequently develop for Windows Mobile so I also have no problem building an application myself if needed. But I consider my time to be valuable and if an effortless mechanism can be made available for discovering and installing applications I'm all for it. Also as a software developer I welcome the idea of people with all levels of expertise from the novice to the mobile sage of being able to easily discover an application I publish. As for the kill switch I think that Microsoft has the responsibility to have something like this. In the event that an application is found to either intentionally or unintentionally I'm confident that the blogs would not present the situation as being the fault of a single software developer but as a flaw of Microsoft, especially if Microsoft had no way to respond to it.
  6. I really love the Omnia II. I was about to borrow an Omnia a few weeks ago and it's the best Windows Mobile phone that I've ever used. But the one I borrowed was CDMA (i910 - Verizon, USA) so I could never fully use it. I hate that the American Omnia II is also CDMA only. But as phones go you will almost never find everything you want in the same phone. So I'll be ordering the GSM version knowing that I won't be able to use it in 3G mode.
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