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  1. just picked one up, cant find any software or mods i can do to it, and i dont see an MPX300 sub groups either - help?
  2. Looks like there is potential download for WM6 here http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=362
  3. Damn good headphones - got mine today from ebay for £35 inc - good balance of sound (prefer a slightly basier sound) - using them as i type
  4. How can i set up software on my pc to use the P3300's built in GPS hardware - ive tried port splittes etc and cant get them to work - can someone help or point me somewhere???????????
  5. Don't believe me - check this out http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=303221
  6. But the XDA Orbit is on O2 and they dont do "unlimited" web browsing: The MDA Compact III has Wifi disabled on it:
  7. Check this link out - I copied the .exe (for wm5 - registration is required) to a folder and an it - gives loads of info http://buzzdev.net/index.php?option=com_ph...27,15027,page=1
  8. Last saturday I popped into town to look for a new phone - I had an idea, what phone could i get for free and that was the best the shop could do for me, searching around on Ebay i found the Nokia N95 went for about £350 mark, which was the same price (+or- £) as the P3300 i had my eye for a while, so with this info i went into T-Mobile (cuz of the data package they do) and asked there - on the Flext 35 it would cost me £49.99, i didnt want to spend any money on the new phone so i tried Phones4U - they said first of all they recomended I go on Orange as they "did" the phone for the price i wanted at the cost/month, (£45ish) - I was abit unsure - to which he said as a special "today only" I could have it for Free (instead of £49.99). The salesperson said that I wouldnt need more than 10mb/month anyway - even though I wanted it on T-Mobile (He advised the phone would cost alot more)> I said i would "definately think about this as, what had first began as an idea, I realised I was in a position of bargaining here, so with this info I went into Carphone warehouse, and asked the guy there - I wanted to pay no more than £50/month and get the phone for free, He advised me on T-mobile - I could have this, BUT I had to take out their insurance package (hmmm) - anyway I thought ok, Ill just cancel it after the first payment so then the phone would have only cost be about £40 quid, I then got the phone played with it for about an hour - nice phone, but Symbian OS - So posted it on Ebay for £350.00 - on a Buy Now, (i Wanted quick sale) - it sold about a couple of hours later and the guy paid straight away, part one is done, - the next morning, after finally settling on the P3300 I put in an order at www.expansys.com (cost about 352.00 inc p+P)(the price has gone up on these there since) - and would have to wait for about 10 days for stock to arrive, well it arrived on the following wednesday at 7.20am - fantastic!!! A few days later i got the paper work for this phone insurance and thought - lets see if i can call them up and ask for it to be cancelled - and they did it - just like that, and they wont be taking any money either for the first payment (If i couldnt have cancelled it I might then have tried to recall the DD) So all in all the phone has actually only cost me about £24 quid intotal (taking into account ebay fees and p+p for the nokia - for which if i had sold it for slightly higher would have wiped my costs out) I most probably will be doing this again unless - phone operators release untampered phones and have good data packages etc - most definately worth trying if you are after that phone you have your eye on...
  9. Just wanna say hi to these 2 guys, met them at the expo, nice amd friendly, I'm not a big contributer here but glad to put faces to names, Here is a photo i took on my HTC P3300 - they look like they have been Tango'd (more my fault the the cameras) Paul is on the right and Monolithix is on the left... (I've just signed up to be a Modaco Plus member - now awaiting deployment)
  10. Luckily - i got around this by popping down to Carphone Warehouse, getting the Nokia N95 for free on flext 35 contract - cuz i needed to get a new plan anyway, flogging the N95 on ebay for £350, then buying the HTC P3300 from expansys
  11. Can the Wifi be enabled for this - flashing a different manufacturers rom etc??? I can upgrade and like the look of this on the O2 network but want that one on T-Mobile
  12. Very good vid, i do like the 710, might be looking at it as an upgrade I did find a sight that did vids for testing computer stuff called www.3dgameman.com , it does help alot when deciding if something is worth it, i would like to see more on this site. The man in T-Mobile in Exeter, Devon said they had a Win Mobile 6 phone coming out soon, that might be the one.
  13. If the missing notch on the SD card is a give away to if it is fake or not then i have bought a fake, but for 7 quid in total from ebay, i admit it is pretty much what i called magazine money and thus not to bothered if it fails (hasnt so far and have had it for about a month), i dont condone the sale of fake products though.
  14. What software do you recommend to use for using my HTC Magician to control my media center pc - i like the the look of this and tried the demo - http://www.highpad.com/ But the only English site that i can buy it from now doesn't stock it - is there an alternative software someone can suggest??? Matt
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