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  1. Wow, that's really nice! Thank you. Will it work on other players? (I don't think so :))
  2. For the 1 000 000th time: flash using GrandPrix and Executor... Just do some searching. You don't need any compatibility modes or other tweaks...
  3. I don't think it would work because the "Camera" in buttons is for starting the camera and not for taking shots
  4. It's not that hard... You just have to be patient. HERE is a link to my post a page back where there is a link to a disassemble guide. You should be extremely careful with the two hinge-type cables, especially the digitzer one as it is very small and easy to break.
  5. When I first saw WAD, I also thought it was complicated but once you start using it it's actually very nice.
  6. Maybe your digitizer isn't working properly... Try flashing a custom ROM that alligns the screen automaticly.
  7. This won't help you because you said that none of your hardware buttons work :huh: Didn't G-Trigger or Virual D-Pad do the job?
  8. Try THIS or THIS I don't know if they'll work while the camera is on, though.
  9. Maybe if you can find an app (I forgot the name) that uses your G-sensor to control the D-pad and can also be set to trigger the middle button...
  10. Software, but you gotta have JTAG and a Repair Kit and they're very expensive, so google "bricked omnia" or something like that and you'll find the guy from Romania. It think it's about 30 Euro + the shipping costs.
  11. Dunno... I have an i900, check the ROM specific for the i910 but I'm pretty sure the procedure is the same - the ROM isn't, though. What happened when you tried to hard-reset using the 1-st way from sectors' thread?
  12. Do some research, bro :huh: You won't be able to fix it... You can either send your phone to Samsung or to a guy in Romania that can fix it.
  13. Did you install the samsung drivers? Which OS were you flashing on? Your phone is bricked... If you have any warranty go to a Samsung Service Center..
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