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  1. That's why I was using my bluetooth gamepad with my omnia. And at least, it can fit in, in portrait mode, my HD2 can't ! Right, the D-pad thing of the omnia is quite a nonsense!
  2. for non touchscreen, it's really hard because all the menus are onscreen. Some seems to make fpsece work by using an application that emulates a mouse" to click on the menus, and using hardware buttons for the controls But that's kinda difficult
  3. I don't think you clicked on the good link http://www.fpsece.net/ in the bottom right corner of this page, you'll see QUICKLOADS, here is the download link for fpsece 0.10
  4. Multitouch on the HD2 starts to be great!!!!! I've played some games like gran turismo, crash bandicoot or medievil using multitouch, that's amazing!!
  5. If you ask directly Schtruck, on fpsece forum, and if you have the supporter version, you'kk get the last update for the HD2, with absolutly no more onscreen delay. And multitouch is more than on the way, I can say it works now, just some last settings. Schtruck is a genius!!
  6. New updates are availiable for those who have the "supporter version" (i.e. those who donated) => G-sensor now works on the HD2 This video shows a TG01, but the G-sensor is activated the same way on the HD2 => The MSI BGP100 bluetooth gamepad is now working with FpseCE, without any thirs party driver, just pair your BGP100 to your HD2 and start FpseCE Go to fpsece forum for extra informations and a complete tutorial on how to use the MSI BGP100 on an HD2 A very big thanks to Ben86 and his good advices that made this fix possible earlier than forecasted! The free version will be also updated, but only once everything for the HD2 is finished, i.e. once multitouch is implemented And remember, if you enjoy fpsece, please donate, you'll get the save state option and prior updates in return :) FpseCE
  7. WOW, nice article, thanks!! I'll try to remember the fix for medal of honnor, maybe the Patch=48 but I'm not sure....there's a way to improve its fps, but it's one of the slowest games anyway.
  8. What are you talking about? PSX emulation for wm ? => FpseCE 0.10 ! @Menneisyys:I've seen your video, nice one! I was just wondering if it was a 3Gs, you said yes, so it's nice to see that the "quite old" Axim can be compared to the 3gs lool Iphone 3GS VS Toshiba TG01/HTC HD2/Acer F1 / Samsung Omnia 2, etc wouldn't be nice for the iphone lol
  9. Ask Schtruck, he manages the system that delivers the supporter version
  10. What problem? Need more informations to help you (or go to fpsece forum, you'll see hundreds questions and answers)
  11. No, tapping in the corner, just next to the Fps counter (so right top corner?) is supposed to bring back portrait mode in every device
  12. it runs, and IT IS OUT, RELEASED, DOWNLOADABLE !!! www.fpsece.net Merry Christmas everybody!! (and don't hesitate to donate if you appreciate FpseCE, you'll get the special pay version with included save state!)
  13. Here we are, it's Christmas and FpseCE 0.10 is released!!!!! You can download it on the new website: http://www.fpsece.net Don't hesitate to donate to have the pay version with save state if you appreciate FpseCE (I mean, it's just the price of a poor java game!!! lol) have fun, and merry Christmas everybody !!
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