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  1. Touch HD flashed to Miri_WM65_21889_Premium_Manila_2.5_V18.0 On O2 PAYG, Everything functioning ok, all settings appear to be correct. I have received a picture MMS message, the text is visible but not the picture, a message shows to download it. The download fails. I have checked the MMS settings and they are def. correct. Is there anything else to check or that I may have missed?
  2. I use IGO 8 on my iPaq 214, so might be slightly different to Samsung. In the programs listing there is an icon to delete Nav N Go igo 8, clicking on that deletes everything. Failing that, if you have File Explorer or similar, have a look in Programme Files delete the iGo8 folder Delete any other folder with iGo8 etc. Re boot If you have IGO 8 on removable media it should install automatically when card inserted. As you state make sure you have the PDA VERSION
  3. I am having problems loading IGO 8 on my Touch HD. Please can I have the informative PM? Regards
  4. Using the "my location" feature, connected to wireless network shows correct position. Have tried this with two networks in different locations. BUT? how does it do it? there is no GPS or any connection to mobile 'phone network.
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