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  1. Since I use the experimental 37 rom, TouchWiz is not installed on the device. yesterday I,ve found a fix for the delay screen which changes a few settings in the default wm 6.5 lockscreen and replaces the lockscreen for a modified one. Until now this seems to fix the problem.
  2. Since the exchange server of our company forces me to use the windows pinlock I can't use another lockscreen.
  3. When enabling pin lock (required by exchange), there is a delay before the today screen appears. Most of the time this is a short delay which is normal, but once in a while the delay is over 5 secs. I don't want to use the "old" wm6.1 lockscreen because I have to use the pinlock screen and I prefer the skin of the new one. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  4. in Resco contact manager you have the ability to close the application after SMS send. This feature works without a problem after a restart of the phone, but after the phone isn't rebooted for a few days this doesn't work anymore. Is this a known problem or is it related with the rom (experimental 37) I am using now?
  5. Setting is present, but enabling it makes no difference. Programs aren't closed by x button.
  6. -Repeat is checked -I,ve tried different alarm tones (mp3,wav) but that makes no difference. When I choose one of the default alarm tones, it only rings for a few seconds so the sound isn't repeating. As a work around I use an alarm tone which lasts about 20 secs which is for me just enough to wake me up.
  7. Since I,ve installed the experimental 37 rom, the alarm clock doesn,t work as it should be. As soon as the alarm goes off, it rings for about 1 sec. and thats it. Because I use the phone as wakeup device, it is important for me to have a working alarm clock. I,ve already tried G-alarm, but that didn't work either because I had a lot of problems to maken this application work. I,ve reinstalled it and after that it did work, but everytime when the alarm is activated Arkswitch is closed. So although this app is perfect for a lot people, for me it isn't. Is there another application which has the same functionality or better: how to make the default windows alarm clock work.
  8. Is it possible to change the behavior of Resco Contact manager so it uses another application then the default WM when I want to create a new sms or is this by design? When I want to view an sms the resco inbox opens, so I wonder if it is possible to use this application for creating this.
  9. My sun has a HTC Legend with android as OS. Compared with WM it is looks better, but after a couple of weeks of using it I can only say that it isn't perfect yet! WinMo has its imperfections, but thanks to cooks like Daskalos I now have a device which suits my needs.
  10. Remark! The Sliding Lockscreen of WM6.5 locks your Screen (and ALL Buttons) as it should do, but it also (keeps) consuming you memory. For that reason it is better to install the 6.1 lockscreen from Sumit.
  11. I am using the experimental 37 now for a couple of days and I'd like to know from one of the users which previous installed one of the experimental 6.5x roms and now using the 37 rom which rom performs better. I am especially interested in the touch repsonse and in how much ram is left after a few days of use. I know that the 6.5 roms use less sources and that the touch reponse is better with 6.5x roms. I've installed the iphone today item, resco contact manager and some other applications and I have about 80Mb left after two days of use. Waiting for your opinions....
  12. You have to convert the mp3 files to wma files. (There are a number of free converters you can use for that) Store the ringtones in the my documents/ringtones folder and you will see that you can pick the ringtone that you,ve converted.
  13. Thanks for the link, but I prefer to keep the rom as simple as possible so speed and performance is garanteed. Is the background of the pinlock key somewhere stored in the registry. The only thing I want is to change the blue backgroud of the keys to black so it matches the rest of my device.
  14. I am looking for the windows classic black theme for my device. As soon as my device is locked by way of a pin code, The background of the keys where I have to put in my pin code is blue. This is caused by the fact that I have installed the 6.1 lockscreen from sumi. Because the rest of the backgrounds oft he device is black, I would appreciate it if the background of the keys are black also. Does anyone have a link for the windows default black theme? or someone know how to change the background of the keys to black. Thanks in advance
  15. Then you're better of with the Daskalos B7610 6.5.3 Build 23129 Rom. I,ve installed this rom a few days ago with on top of it Resco Contact Manager, the Sumit Lockscreen and Iphone Today. Rom is very stable and battery performance is great. After three days of use I have about 56 RAM left, so although this is a 6.5x rom it should give you an even better result then the one you're using now.
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