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  1. can anyone watch facebook videos with this rom alpha 21?
  2. come on where did u guys watching movies or new episodes of series?
  3. can u watch facebook videos? is there a solution? it said that with this rom 10.1 flash supported but I can not watch videos on facebook or any video site, I can watch these with n900 which support flash 9. thanks
  4. i could not see android applications which are not free when i opened the android market application on nexus. how can i see android applications that are not free? thanks
  5. can u play videos like dailymotion.com? i can not play videos from sites that are good to watch films etc. no difference with nokia n900? do you have same difficulties?
  6. I am stuck white screen on the htc logo I baked alpha 10 and did not back up please help how can i fix this?
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