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  1. badgerarc

    Album Art?!?!

    Install Album Art grabber from the market.:)
  2. Just though i would mention, but I was using R9 wip when abroad last week, so while roaming every so often the Sense GUI would crash and restart. When back home and not roaming all is fine...
  3. Removing Gmail via ADB and installing from the market worked fine for me, but removing maps.apk won't let me download the new maps from the market. Are there other components i should have removed that work alongside maps?
  4. Just donated a fiver :P Excellent cause Paul! Keep up the good work.
  5. One essential I require, and to be perfectly honest - should have been included since day one, is to be able to use authenticated proxy servers via the wifi for connection to Enterprise networks. I still can't believe you can't do it. :)
  6. Sorry to be a complete noob, but I take it you must already have a rooted phone to flash this, or will it flash onto an unmodified UK Tmobile Desire?
  7. Got a DM from The Official Tmobile UK Twitter account today: TmobileUKhelp Hi There You can expect some frozen yogurt during September.I believe HTC are sending out a limited number today (approx 500) for testing :(
  8. badgerarc


    Can't find it in the market on a UK Tmobile HTC Desire? :( Edit: http://scorchio.cnbn.net/scorchio2.apk :( Edit 2: Meh... keeps force closing when you click on a deal :P
  9. Been using this app for a good few months and it works great on my Uk Tmobile HTC Desire. Shame we still can't have Google Voice in the UK yet, even though I've had the invite, but Hullomail works brilliantly in it's absence.
  10. have you synced all the folders / labels that you need in the gmail app on the phone? If not - you won't see them.
  11. I'm a bit new to the Android OS, but what exactly does this technique do for us?
  12. http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/htc-desire-car-pack-p24202.htm ;)
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