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  1. you just need to go with root explorer on media folder and replace the bootanimation.zip
  2. After a long time when i was cooking roms in Windows Mobile i decided to give it a try in the Android world to, so with that said im resurrecting the UTILITY BUILDS series now for Galaxy Mini.I must say that i`m a new developer that is trying to understand more about the Android/Linux environment.One extra thing i must mention, i do this in my spare time, because i enjoy it, so the ETAs are not fixed , it can be 2 days or 1 week or 2 weeks I added some apps, scripts, mods that i find functional, credits are given below. This rom is tweeked with dsixda's Android Kitchen Special Thanks: CyanogenMod TEAM, ronaldvalles,amarullz , dsixda,squadzone, OTA Update Center Click on each of the profiles and press the THANKS button, to show your support and apreciation for they`re work :highfive: DISCUSSION THREAD Base Rom: CM7.2 100% builded from source by me, for now i wont make the source public because it still needs some tunning. With MD builds im trying to make a replica of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as much as i can. Kernel: builded by me 100% from source, and its called MR Android, newest version is 1.3. You need to be ROOTED and have CWM. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE -download the .zip -copy the .zip to your SD Card -enter CWM( if you dont have CWM get it HERE,if you don`t know what CWM is click HERE) -install zip from sd/choose zip, follow Aroma Installer inscructions. NOTE: If you get stuck, pull the battery, re-enter recovery, wipe cache then Reboot Device and quickly press HOME+POWER to re-enter CWM,then install the zip [B]Stable v1.0[/B] -[COLOR="Red"]aroma 100% resized for LDPI[/COLOR] -[COLOR="Red"]updated MRAndroid kernel version 1.3 , better compression[/COLOR] -added Cyanmobile kernel(NOTE:this kernel has problems with wifi) [B][COLOR="Red"]-added a2sd options(NOTE: if you choose 3rt A2SD option the phone will reboot 2-3 times, dont panic)[/COLOR][/B] -finally fixed the looooong boot time -[COLOR="Red"]added full GPU render mode[/COLOR] -now the rom is stable more faster then ever *see Cyanogenmod changelog -taked a look for the final time in init.d -added new options in aroma -used new ROM base(see Cyanogen changelog) -updated a few apks -[COLOR="Red"]added OTA UPDATE credits[/COLOR] [url=https://otaupdatecenter.pro/]OTA UPDATE CENTER[/url] *now you can enter OTA Updater app for rom updates, it will be downloaded to sd card then you will install them Build v1.6 -updated a few apk *PlayStore 3.8.16 *Holo Luncher 1.21 -[color=red][b]added Aroma Installer v2.51[/b][/color] [url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461712]THREAD[/url] *[u]im open for suggestions[/u] *alot of apps to choose from *fully working and resized for LDPI, i have to work more on the icons though, next rls will be 100% resized -updated lowmemorykiller script from Gio -[color=red]updated kernel to version [email protected] OC 806mhz[/color] -fixed deep sleep in the kernel -removed some mods from the kernel because they made the system crash -tweeked some mods for our Mini -default I/O Sio -added new battery tweek from Gio Build v1.5 -minor update rom wise -base from RC1 -updated Holo Luncher v1.2.0 [color=red][b]-update kernel MR Android v1.00 [email protected][/color][/b] -removed darky zipalign, and some other minor tweeks Build v1 RC -base cm-7-20120726-UNOFFICIAL-tass md5sum 25ab71eaf7351822becae6d68bf197b3 -stable release -added Holo Locker JB style -updated JB Sounds -added JB Galaxy Nexus boot animation -added JB font -GPU lib tweeks -SD Card Speed Tweeks -added JG wallpaper galery -removed SuperSu 0.93 -readded Superuser 3.1.3 -init.d tweeks -more build.prop tweeks -removed CM Wallpapers -removed gapps,you need to flash them now Build v1 Alpha -base CM 7.2 Stable md5sum: 312f374a4df856547305dce2f0e694d3 -Android 4.1 boot animation -updated Android Market v3.7.13 (port from Jelly Bean) -updated Google Search app v1.3.3.247963 -added SuperSU app v0.93 -added Holo Luncher v1.1.1 -added ICS theme(port from X10mini) v10 -removed Superuser app -removed ADW Luncher -some build.prop tweeks -added tweeks for touch screen responsiveness -added battery tweeks -removed stock CM ringtones, ui, alarm sounds -added Android 4.1 ringtones, alarms, ui, camera sounds I dont cry/request donations, but,if you are in a good financial situation or just got a s**t load of money and you dont know what to do with them...no problem!! donate to me!!! and i will help my country with the economic crisis and buy some Nutella for me ^_^. How to donate? by clicking the Donation button on the top, or the DONATE TO ME button in the left, below my profile picture. Thanks. Just 4shared for now, more mirrors in the future.And excuse my english :)
  3. Includes: - Romania TM 20-05-2010 Map (Romania83TM_2010.03_100520.fbl) - Bazemap83_2009.09_091215.fbl - Romania UNK 21-04-2010 POI - Romania 22-08-2010 Speed cams - Romania 22-08-2010 Traffic cams Resolutions: 240x240, 240x320,240x400, 320x240, 320x320, 400x240, 640x480, 480x240, 480x800 ╨╕ 800x480 Requirements: Windows Mobile 6.x, 64MB RAM, QVGA, VGA or WVGA display. U CAN INSTALL OTHER MAPS IF U WANT TO ! :D DOWNLOAD HERE--->>> http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5821808
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