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  1. Try the original Droid. It still has by far the most ROMs available. The newer android phones are most "locked down" and not as configurable. You should be able to find one for a decent price these days.
  2. It has been months since I have done anything on an Omnia since I have moved to Android, but you can look at my old forum and see if that helps. Lisbian Taskbars
  3. It is not done yet. It is being ported by a group called Zeusdroid. You can read about the progress in the following forum ZeusDroid.
  4. For those that are a little leary about rooting, there is an easy guide to manually root your droid found here. I think it is better to root manually because you learn more about what you are doing about your phone. There are many advantages to having root on your phone including the ability to install custom ROMs, and overclocking. Everything you need to do including the required software is at the site. Read through all the prerequisites and perform the steps in order. It is quite easy, and you will learn a ton.
  5. Palm is in serious trouble. They do not have the developers and Pres and not sellling. Android is great. I used Windows Mobile for years, and swapped over to a Droid a couple of weeks ago. Everything just works better on the Droid than it did on my Omnia i910. I have never been happier with a phone than I am with my Droid.
  6. Resco Contact Manager 2.05 beta is available for download. Resco
  7. I have used my annual upgrade at Verizon and gotten a Droid. I got it last Thursday, and already have it rooted, New Rom, and overclocked. I loved my time with the Omnia and in this forum. Thanks to so many of you that made my Omnia a great phone.
  8. Go to XDA they have everything you could want for HTC phones. They have a forum set up for Touch Pro 2. Just curious, did they replace this with a Touch Pro 2 via insurance?
  9. Unfortunately, the way I constructed this taskbar does not allow for it. It would have to do the whole thing over again using the phcanoverbmp.dll and such. The battery icons are currently residing in shellres.96.dll and I do not have a way to point to additional resources in the dll to account for the additional icons. The phcanoverbmp.dll was taken from HTC and allowed us to add the increments.
  10. PM back your way. Send me a screen shot if it doesn't work.
  11. That phone is a beast. I love the idea of a Zune phone.
  12. My next phone might be a BB Tour 2 (Essex) if the new browser in BB OS 5.0 is better. I want a physical keyboard on my next phone. I am in agreement with problems and limitations of Android. My only other possibility is a TP2 from HTC.
  13. I am not sure what I causing your battery problems, but let me tell you what I do know. I did not include a 5%, or 1% battery driver in the cab. I only have icons for 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 0 and charging included. Those are the levels for the default battery driver. Ensure you have deleted the registry keys in the notes section at the bottom of the first post. That could be the cause of your troubles. If get the 70% icon again, if you could send me a screen shot.
  14. Thanks Nilse, I did like your blue taskbar as well.
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