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  1. From hxxp://www.sto-helit.de/index.php?module=page&entry=ms_overview&action=view&menu=29 One of the feature of MrotScript 4.2 is "Send keystrokes, mouse clicks, and some window messages (OK, Cancel, Yes, and No buttons) to windows" I wonder, is there any windows message of locking and turning off display? We might do that with mortscript only then...
  2. Thx, I'll check them and come back with the result :(
  3. Guys, I wonder is there any application that allow us to lock and turn screen off, and let us turn it on by pressing front button (not power button) Using standard lock feature, the screen will not turn off until certain amount off time. Some application allow us to lock and turn screen of, but to turn it on we have to press power button on the top, and that's not too convenience to do. Others allows us to turn screen off (like spShutXP), but it doesn't lock the phone, so when accidentally front buttons is pressed, the screen will turn on in unlock position. Any idea? many thx and regards
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