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  1. This bug has been reported on the Treo 500v (identified by the OEM string Treo 500v-1.02). The spurious message received is msg 0x00008017, wParam 0 (0x00000000), IParam 0 (0x00000000) This spurious message is received by applications after a phonecall is performed on this mobile.
  2. You cannot fix it. Each application or game that uses the GETRAWFRAMEBUFFER API must be modified by their developers to take this bug into account and work around it. The problems that you observe are probably with applications or games that have not been addapted to work with the i760, or with older versions of those applications or games.
  3. Apparently there is a display driver bug on the Verizon Samsung i760 that causes some games and video applications to misbehave or display video incorrectly. We traced the issue to GETRAWFRAMEBUFFER: On the Samsung i760, rfbi.cxPixels and rfbi.cyPixels are permuted when GETRAWFRAMEBUFFER is called while the display is in Landscape orientation.
  4. what is the error code? it could be a permission / privilege issue.
  5. this is unrelated. Cingular changed its name to AT&T, and now all the phones on the Cingular network now display AT&T.
  6. apparently some Motorola Q devices with WM5 broadcast also the following spurious message to applications: msg = 0x00008064, wParam = 48 (0x00000030) , lParam = 0 (0x0000000) this information is based on an un-confirmed user report.
  7. you might have a bug on your side concerning colors. we never had any color-related problem with the Q.
  8. yep. it's supposed to be different for every model. althought not always the case, but for the Q it works.
  9. you have to detect the Q and handle it with a special case, i'm affraid.
  10. it is possible, but it could be also a completely un-related reason that causes your problem.
  11. We have just been notified that the HTC Hermes Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5) has this bug, too. On the HTC Hermes , applications receive the spurious message 0x00008101.
  12. We have just been notified that the Asus P535 (Windows Mobile 5) has this bug, too. On the Asus P535, applications receive the spurious messages 0x00008015 and 0x00008017.
  13. see here: http://www.pocketmatrix.com/forums/viewtop...p=280442#280442
  14. thanks. i didn't know about EnumDisplaySettings(NULL, ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, &devMode);
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