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  1. Hey man, you don't have to wait... you have to try... Never give it up!
  2. Yep, as I imagined, I press find updates in every 5 min... in the middle of Hungarian Grand Prix, I got message update is available... would you like to download? Yes, I want.... At this time: owned! Thanks HTC!
  3. Yay! ROTFL! Can't be true... I can't imagine... Look before you leap!!! don't count your chickens before they're hatched And you?
  4. Hmmm... It's strange... really... I have to install a custom rom.... I don't want to wait more and more... Everybody with rumors, or something like that: fcku! Am I clear? pfff
  5. Still no frozen yoghurt... I guess a rumor again... :( Or not? Or.... everyone at HTC are loughing at us?
  6. Good news... Please no more rumors, jokes, please... It can be true? Long time waited day.... when this rumor again, i'll drunking rum or something like that.... Pretty good! Please became true! Nobody can imagine what i'll do when rumor again... The first what I do, I'll delete a whole internet... (without making a cd/dvd backup.)
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