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  1. http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/cat/Omnia-Pro-B7610-Cases.htm
  2. I'd downloaded the Metro software, but I cannot get the Perth and Singapore route directory working. I'd had a previous version working fine on my HTC. Has anyone tried downloading the Metro into their B7610 and encountered any problems with it?
  3. I was also using HTC Touch Pro before I decided to replace it with B7610. The user interface on the Touch Pro is much better than the Omnia. Nonetheless, the Omnia has a better screen that is AMOLED and 3.5MM audio jack. And, I won't regret it.
  4. I didn't know key codes are illegal, and I would have to pay $99 for the purchase of Garmin XT application software from the Samsung-Omnia Hub website. This really puzzled me when they asked for the Unit ID. Also, I thought this is one of the common platforms that Omnia users seek to enhance their phones? I'll call Garmin Australia to find out how I can purchase their software onto my Omnia phone.
  5. Thanks Thunder, I think I found where my problem was. The Garmin download on Samsung-Omnia Hub is meant for phones who already have the Garmin XT software application, otherwise the user would need to purchase it from Garmin. I don't mind paying for the software, but this software is no longer available. I'll call Garmin Australia tomorrow if they have a solution for me. Rgds....hw
  6. Hi Bobbes, In order to download the Garmin XT software onto the B7610, I need to input the Unit ID to generate the key code. It will then install the software application together with the Australian map onto the phone. I think some people managed to find it in their Settings-About, but I can't seem to find it in my phone. I find the user interface on this B7610 is not as good as the HTC Touch Pro that I had. I bought my B7610 from Singapore that comes with the Singapore map on Navfone, but that's uselss for me now that I am living in Australia. This phone is not popular here is Australia, however I'll seek help from Samsung Australia hopefully they can assist. But, if anyone else knows the solution, please let me know. Regards......hw
  7. I'm trying to download this software from the Omnia Hub, but the program asked for Unit ID. Could anyone please let me know how do I obtain this Unit ID No to generate the key code? Thanks....
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