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  1. Well said, exactly right. If you want WP7 get a WP7 device, time to upgrade, no? :huh: HTC HD2 is probably the best dev device out there, got one myself, WP7 seems interesting on it.
  2. True, but JP6 seems to be the final one, as source code has been released. It's been a while Paul, any hope for a ROM now? :)
  3. You really need to look at XDA's SGS sub-forum. There is PLENTY of development going on for the SGS and currently, to name a few, Cyanogen Mod as well as a Desire HD Sense port is on it's way, so instead of ranting about you returning your phone just keep quiet about it because we all know about the cons of the SGS. Anyway, good for you, have fun playing around with the inferior Desire HD :) the SGS is superior and the DHD is being released after it. Plus no front camera. No phone or company is perfect, i'm fine with my SGS and Froyo is steadily being released, then the development will really kick off.
  4. dude i tried doing that i and i ended up with some weird cut diamond shape for the button haha, did you measure the buttons size and then cut it out? i just cut it out i guess lol
  5. that huawei phone looks alright, but i would say save up to get either a HTC Desire or a Samsung Galaxy S, both great Android phones and you won't need to change either of them for a looong time as they have awesome hardware. I got the Galaxy S and it's awesome, so just putting those out there for you :D anyway hope you get that fixed, i passed my Omnia on to someone else now so no more WinMo for me! feels good ;) Jay long time mate, how you been? :D
  6. Get ClockSync from Market, syncs time perfectly :D
  7. Paul, i totally agree with your points. When i first went to see the SGS in a store i was so put off by the plastickyness of it that i didn't get it until after a few weeks later when Virgin called me and gave me a kick ass deal and i thought what the hell, it's a wicked phone just not made out of metals :D so i got it, and to be honest it's not an ugly phone, it's nice and it's really light, but the plastic-ness is an issue and i can't BELIEVE Samsung didn't make it out of better materials, i mean it's supposed to be a 'flagship' phone and it's plastic!? pfftt it's sturdy which is okay, and atm i have no scratches i've had it for less than 28 days, just one scratch on the main menu button which i agree: crap quality. i've wrapped my SGS with god knows what haha, i got the invisibleSHIELD protector first day and a silicone back case to keep it safe, so that's okay, but the weird thing is when i take my SGS out of the case there are little scratches on the back, dunno how they got there because i never take it out of the case! I think Samsung needs to fix the quality of this 'flagship' phone, the plastic feel is crap and i've gotta say, the only reason i liked the iPhone 4 is because of it's superior build quality, i mean damn have you held that thing in your hand? feels premium and looks premium too, but the price tag is a bitch which is the downside! Overall, my SGS is OK but i fear that it too will become worn out in a few months as Paul has stated, funny thing is the Omnia i900 was made out of good materials, i mean that actually felt solid and it wasn't that bad, and it's like they've gone back 2 years with the design of the SGS, and trying to mimick the iPhone aesthetics just shows how Samsung can't think of different ideas. Oh i still think we should all complain about it, i certainly am, charging us 500 quid + for good hardware BUT horrible aesthetics. Look at HTC, their phones are so solid, i was tempted to get the Desire but the SGS is superior (hardware wise). I'll shove every good example in their face :D Tbh they could have atleast covered the button in glass, as they were so desperate to make the SGS look like an iPhone they missed that crucial element.. haha But yeah sorry to hear about your problems Paul, i think you should contact Samsung anyway for the hell of it and bash them around about it! Oh and has anyone seen how much you get for the SGS when you recycle it? £94. what a joke. for the iPhone 3GS you get £200, BS!
  8. looks fab mate well done :( i look forward to testing this soon! keep up the great work :(
  9. hmm ok i shall look at the MMS fault... :( @ebsbow thanks for the kind words! Can you explain further how you cannot recorder longer video?? thank you! sorry for the long delays for my next ROMs folks, my i900 is with my sister atm (she broke her phone so i had to give my i900 to her until it has been fixed) and i've been using my i9000 a lot, and @woody2k it is an amazing phone, get it! Only faults with it are no flash, and WiFi messes up but i think that's just a fault in my device so it's getting replaced next week. i have a WM6.1 WidgetPLUS ROM cooked already guys but the memory isn't great unfortunately, and i can't test it for a while, so if you want i can release it and tag it as a BETA version and if you guys can test it and report back to me so i can improve it without testing it on my side? Same for M2D ROMs. cheers, let me know :(
  10. Try unmounting your internal SD and formatting it, see what happens. JP3 out now, damn Samsung is really pushing these out! Would be cool to see a FroYo ROM Paul :(
  11. Yeah, it's here :( EDIT: and to the guy above, about the HTC Sense UI, it will take a lot of time and effort to port that because they are wrapped in HTC's drivers and framework, and porting it to our phone which has Samsung Drivers etc will be very tough because of the limitations. Don't expect it anytime soon, unless i am wrong :( s1_odin_20100512.rar
  12. Paul, awesome ROM, i just donated because i want to create a ROM with the online kitchen :( well done mate, very slick and i've tried all other ROMs and this is by far the best. Only thing i would say is if it was themed that would be great, i would theme the phone myself but i just got it so am still figuring it out. thanks!
  13. thanks for all of your replies, i shall fix the issues addressed, gimme a day or two :( i got the i9000 (samsung galaxy S) the other day, what a phone :P when you guys get that phone 'if you do' then i shall see you on the other side as well :( thanks for all the feedback and good remarks!
  14. you cannot modify cooked ROMs. It's not possible, sorry mate, you'll need to create it :D Go to yonn_1981's thread here about the osKitchen, download it and if you need help ask me or anyone else. Or you can wait as i'm creating a 6.1 ROM later or check out others' ROMs here :angry:
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