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  1. They have released nothing but PDA´s for the last two years, apart from two brick sized QWERTY phones. Where is the progressive hardware department, releasing a PHONE ? Android is just another OS - why not stick with something they allready have and develop some interesting hardware? Where is the phone with a good long standbytime ~ a week Where is the phone with GPS and compass? Where is the phone with 3,2MP camera and flash ? Where is the phone that supports SIP ? /J
  2. Was that all? Nothing else but the HTC Hero in the launch event? Talk about dissapointment. :D What the heck happened to HTC. They used to be in the front row, but they absolutely not leading the pack anymore.
  3. If HTC is not coming up with anything else but crappy QWERTY versions or useless touchscreen PDA´s, then I´m seriously thinking of moving to Nokia *sigh*. I´d definately prefer a Windows phone, but my C500 is worn out and I need something with Wifi, GPS etc.. Please HTC - PLEASE!!
  4. A smaller S740, running Windows mobile 7, but without the useless QWERTY keyboard .. In other words - a 2010 version of the C500 <_<
  5. The Touch HD is not at Smartphone - its WM Pro. I´m looking for a phone without QWERTY, without touch userinterface and with good hw specs. /J
  6. Does anyone know of an upcoming Smartphone without qwerty and no-touch? Or am I forced to leave Windows Mobile (after 7 years) and go for a Nokia E52? It is quite anoying that HTC doesn´t give a damn about their customers. I have a Samsung i200, but I lack GPS, WLAN, Flash, better camera - just better specs!!
  7. I´m feeling bored.. Yes - it is a second generation TD/TP, and it looks good, but where does all that "we listen to our customers" talk come into play? No cameraflash. No PHONE - only PDA´s. (seems like I have to stick with my C500 / Samsung i200 for a long time.)
  8. Yup - but Expansys got the i200 size wrong - its (H X B X D) 116,7 x 50,8 x 11,8 mm according to samsung Samsung.dk and my ruler.
  9. I think it is quite interesting that a large number of die-hard Windows mobile users preferes a PHONE - not a PDA: Wake up, HTC !! :)
  10. ??? - according to my calculator the Touch Pro is >30% larger than the i200 SGH i200 = 70,4cubic centimeters Touch Pro = 93,6cubic centimeters /J
  11. Exactly - because they compare it with the bad result with the S310 (according to my HTC source) .. For some reason they do not want to produce a competitive candybar handset.. And then we have to accept that the only handset (right now) is the Samsung SGH i200 (sigh)
  12. I know - but seriously. HTC has been sitting on their hands for the last 3 years !!. Producing around 20 handsets more or less the same.. Maybe a littler heavier, and maybe in white, but generally pretty boring IMHO. I don´t want HTC to be another Nokia producing to many different handsets to comprehend, but just a candybar PHONE with GPS, WiFi, 3G, no xT9 and a good looking screen.. (And NO - I do not want a S710/S730/S740, ´cause I do not use the keyboard) Its not that difficult, and its actually cheap compared to slide-out keyboards etc etc etc.. /J
  13. WTF... :) and a yawn Still no replacement for my C500.. I wonder what kind of id.... that are in charge over at HTC Headquarters. Btw. - I spoke to a person from HTC telling me that they do not want another S310 with no succes.. I tried telling him that the S310 arrived at a market that was used to QVGA resolution, WIFI and GPS, but it was a no go.. Goodbye HTC - Samsung here I come..
  14. Photos showed up @ HTC HTC LINK for a short period of time, before being removed. But they have a copy over @ Engadgetmobile /J
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