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    Sammy Galacticus2 (SGS2)
  1. barbarony62

    Best rom for s2?

    How do i install Cynogen mod, via CWM? it crashes on the boot. copied from XDA: go to the sgsII forum on "forum dot xda-developers dot com" (replace "dot" with ".") Easy way: Start with a rooted device (do not ask us how to do this).Install ROMManager Premium.Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Pick Samsung Galaxy S2.Make sure you can reboot into ClockworkMod recovery from ROMManager. Reboot and get back into ROMManager Premium.Choose download ROMs.Pick the CyanogenMod Nightlies.Check the Google Apps addon.Check Backup current ROM!Check wipe data, cache, dalvik cache. (We're not kidding! Wipe)Let ROMManager finish the installation. Harder way: Make sure you're running a rooted device.Root your device and install ClockworkMod RecoveryDo a Nandroid backup!WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition) - do it for real.Install the ROM from internal sdcard using ClockworkMod RecoveryOptionally install the Google Addon (through ROMManager is easiest)
  2. barbarony62

    Best rom for s2?

    I have taken the Cyanogenmod7 path, and have never looked back.... its fast, clean, has all the features I need, and is generally awesome...and since its not 1 cook, but a whole generation of developers, I am not afraid it will dry when the "cook upgrades his phone" CM7 rom are it!!! barbarony
  3. barbarony62

    Home Screenshots!

    this is my home screen .... Barbarony62
  4. barbarony62

    So then best SGS2 Rom?

    I am on a rooted cm7 nightly (23rd) of course I have the odd bits and pieces that can be improved, but overall a pleasant device, with a stable op system. added go launcher ex as it fits my taste a bit better, and themed the phone so I have the right color icons at the top. the only thing I don't like is that I had to wait 3 months from announcement of the phone till I actually got it... :) and after 3 years on an omnia i900 (WM 6.5) this is like being sent "back to the future"...
  5. from left to right: your connection to your provider (G) your connection to bluetooth your connection to wifi your connection to headset these are all on or off positions....
  6. 1.You need to have the map of where you currently are installed on your SD or main memory (or where ever your content folder is...) 2. make sure you have the GPS identified and working, and you are seeing green satellites 3. only then..... 4. search for an address close to where you are (so that you are sure its on your local map) all will be well..... now, the reason you are seeing this is that the GPS thinks its somewhere else, and until it catches satellites it does not know where it is (it remembers the last place)... once it knows where it is, it can navigate if you have a territorial (and road access) -- hence a sequence of maps -- between where you are and where you want to go
  7. You need to skin your omnia to expose TMC setting. I skinned it using an Italian site - (please search a few posts earlier...) -- once skinned, I found traffic settings... however, since we do not have TMC in our country, I cannot test it. http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/318532...mo-omnia-i-900/ regards
  8. barbarony62


    I am kinda strange person...I hate straight lines... everything in my life is angled...
  9. barbarony62


    My new screen, thanks to DOC3000 and MSKIP Barbarony62
  10. go to http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/318532...mo-omnia-i-900/ follow the link in it to an Italian site.... use google translate to understand Italian site got it all working in 5 minutes
  11. barbarony62

    iGO Primo Omnia i 900

    the attached site gave me all the information I needed to get igo primo to work on omnia. its in Italian, but google translate does an excellent job of giving you the right hi-lights... http://whiterose.forumcommunity.net/?t=37846240
  12. you join today and the first thing you do, is find a very old thread, bring it to life, and diss Israel..... ha ha..... not too many noble prize winners in your family, I would imagine.... BOOO HAAAAAA!!!!!!! ;) :D :( ;) :) ;)
  13. barbarony62

    GPS/Navigation app problem...

    try igo 8.3.2 -- you will not be sorry -- make sure you skin it with Choup's or gurjon's skins (spelling???) also try a new portuguese SW called Ndrive = quick as a devil... gui less attractive than a skinned igo (igo with choup's skin), but faster than it, and easier to locate poi... re: sat location.... the first time you try to lock after a long while that the gps was off is slower... also , if you move territories when GPS is off, it takes longer than if you start it at the last place you turned it off..... (did I explain myself??? turn gps off in paris, turn on in london == slow..... turn off in paris, turn on in paris == faster...don't know why -- something computational and statistical) regards
  14. somebody gave me proper instructions to the specific problem I had... I am guessing that if he decided to to it via PM he had his reasons. if anybody asks me something specific, and I know the answer, I will gladly help. regards

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