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  1. MWuhahahaha ! i still have an upgrade on my other line!! SOOO i can get the O2 and cancel my Imagio line at the lower fee!! Then I can sell which ever device i do not want to keep!!
  2. the problem you are having might be contributed to a bad digitizer on the screen of your Phone.. so it is not properly registering touches.. I had the same issue with typing on my omnia when I had it. The idea is still interesting though.
  3. he does have the word speedy in his name so maybe that's why he wants things fast.. Double Thread too ..
  4. looks nice.. Orange and black always looks sexy.. !
  5. I was about to order my second omnia due to this issue(so that would have been my third time getting an omnia.) but since they had none near me I upgraded to another device. It gets worse over time and with me it has always been the left side of the screen, near where the charger plugs in.. but others have had it be in the middle.. I have no clue what causes it but it gets worse the longer you have it.. Thats why i Upgraded.. I figured if I didnt , i'd be gettin another omnia replaced in a few months for the same reason.
  6. looks pretty good.!! nice and clean.. it has a very organized feel. Text on the calendar might be too small for some..
  7. I got an imagio and I love it.. I didn't want to deal with the hardware keyboard and slider function eventually getting loose since i use my phone in a rough environment. It as a little kick stand to prob it up so you can watch stuff with the phone on a desk and it feels nice in my hand. the keyboard is very nice. I have been using tf3d and i like it.. not too customizable but very easy to use. The gps works fast too. OH yeah the imagio has no flash and I think the tp2 does.
  8. I got an imagio on Thursday too.. I love it.. I dont miss the onboard storage because I had become a flashaholic i always stored everything on my sdcard instead. Miss not having a flash to use a flashlight though. Thanks to all the chefs out there who made my time with the Omnia much better than VZW ever could have achieved.
  9. So far I like it..ALOT .. I noticed it has no flash, but it still takes decent pics in low lighting. the reception is good, touch screen feels great. TF3d sucks the memory like crazy, but i've been reading up on mods to help that along.. GPS locks fast, AGPS weather on main screen is nice(i'm a truck driver). it is a bit bigger than the omnia, and its only 3.6 inch, imagine the htc leo, holy crap that thing will be huge.. The keyboard is great, opera only allows 3 tabs!! :D but i know you can edit the ini file. HEADPHONES WITHOUT THAT FRICKIN ADAPTER!! NO onboard storage like the omnia, but it does have generous storage for programs and rom.. i have like 156 mb left for programs on my stock rom after installing a few progs.. oh yeah 3d acceleration is nice in spb ms3 but i uninstalled it.. i'm over that ui lol.. till they release more info to the community. anywho, i know this is the omnia section so i will stop there.. its been fun and I still have my omnia, I just have to get it fixed eventually so I can still tinker with all that the great cooks here at Modaco have to offer.
  10. p.s Sorry for hijacking your thread!! but that Damn screen issue bugs the crap outta me .
  11. woke up this mornin and the damn phone was being irritating i said screw it.. I called vzw and they said there were no omnias near me (im not home at the moment) but that i could upgrade to the imagio for $100 (after rebate and with some vzw loving) So I got one.. Found the only one left in El Paso Texas lol..So far its nice.. and smooth.. ppc pim back up put all my contacts into it because I didnt want vzw touching my phone lol.. and I am tethered on it as we speak with the internet sharing proggie..!! hope this screen doesnt have these issues..
  12. this is the single most irritating thing for me about this phone.. every thing else can be fixed or customized.. but not that.. It is the only reason i am looking to get a newer phone on verizon soon. other than that I dont care about having the fastest/newest phone/gadget out there.
  13. is there a way to get that incite keyboard cabbed? Or does it have to be cooked in? i am trying this rom and i like that keyboard, but i wanna go back to your night series with the older 6.5.
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