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  1. Has development ground to a halt on the S2? I was contemplating renewing my modaco membership but last time I did this with the desire all development stopped shortly after. Also, are there any known (confirmed) bugs with this wip?
  2. Been playing with it for best part of a week and it does not play well with the Arc. Disconnects after around 15 minutes and wont reconnect unless you unlock the screen.... Not good when its working fine with a competitors phone but not their own!
  3. ive got to say this is the first time ive heard this in regards to the arc
  4. I had a play with them both too and went for the arc. The LG is snappy but then so is the arc, I tried playing some videos, visiting the unreal tournament site which is flash heavy and there was very little difference. The optimus eats battery though from what I hear. I can say the arc has a fantastic camera and screen which is what swung it for me. Ive been out in the blazing sun all day yesterday and I can see the arcs screen perfectly fine which is unlike previous phones ive had. Im also not convinced by the dual core thing yet either, maybe in a couple of years but there just isnt anything which really requires it right now except full HD recording and seeing as I take very few videos anyway that wasnt enough.
  5. not that im aware of but im guessing your talking about using the phone as a modem for your pc... so maybe this can help http://websearch.about.com/od/usefulsite1/...-fax-online.htm Your font rocks
  6. it might be a step back but some of the custom roms on XDA have the black bar however I believe they are earlier versions of froyo. That being said, I dont think there is much difference and its likely they are better as the bugs have been ironed out by the rom devs/chefs.
  7. Ive just bought a sony ericsson xperia arc. Believe it or not its been playing up like crazy! It wouldnt reconnect or anything. Ive just reflashed the liveview and so far its now playing nice but ill be keeping an eye on it
  8. Ive been toying with overclocking but ever since having problems with a previous phone ive always been wary. Has anyone who overclocks regularly had any issues running for extended periods with a maximum of 1ghz?
  9. the best way to test this is to flash the official stock 2.51 software and see if its downgraded. If that works then just put 2.2 back on the same way you just have then you will be happy in the knowledge you can downgrade
  10. afaik its just the system you flash
  11. try this one here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=977989
  12. Im not sure about 2.51.1 but my understanding is it shouldnt matter, mine was 2.51. Try redownloading, its possible your download is corrupt? have a read through this and see if it can help you http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=714114
  13. Correct, 2.51 is the build number which is android version 2.1 (eclair) if you want to upgrade and dont care about downgrading then go ahead and flash any UK froyo rom but make sure its not one with the LED bug which I think is limited to the chinese ones as they are actually for a different model number. To keep downgradeability you need to flash "fixed" sbf`s. Dont ask me why or what that means, I just accept this is the case and do it. Then you can restore a nandroid of the version of froyo that goes with that sbf. If you have come from another android phone then this might seem odd to you but its because motorola have the bootloader locked and this is the only way to work around it. Try my guide here, Ive got a t-mobile UK defy and this worked for me. I can still downgrade my phone as ive tested it. http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1648898
  14. do you have to re-pair every time the connection drops?
  15. 2.51. Just make sure you dont directly flash if you want to be able to downgrade in the future
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