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    Android Platform Sooner Single ADB Interface always error, i tried to instal lg drivers everything goes fine but this usb is enabled
  2. Hi Shokka9 Can I flash only PDA part or it can cause me problems I have qbus DXIA5
  3. Hi qbus.Thanks for great job. Can I flash only Pda part with GrandPrix or I must flash it all? Thanks
  4. Is there any way I can turn on Voice Dial via wired headset when OMNIA in sleep mode, I can't wake it up with button on wired headset Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Thanks Steven, I flashed just pda and now I have voice dial why only for UK? I'am intrested of course . Liads thank you for great job
  6. hello liads WITH YOUR ROM BTAR2 can i update just pda and csc if i have i900DXIA2/QB04
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