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  1. I tried running this on my G2 and can't get it to load when pressing the home + power buttons. Instead I get an image like this (shown on a G1) http://bero.freqvibez.net/public/g1/7.jpg The first time I ran the first line I got "adb server is out of date. killing... * daemon started sucessfully *". From there I ran the second line and it worked as expected. The recovery screen loaded, I ran Nandroid backup. I also managed to install the latest radio. It seems the only way I'm able to get to the patched recovery is running these commands while my Hero is connected via USB. Any pointers as to how to get the home + power combination working? Thank you.
  2. mr_tim

    Quicktime Player?

    Is there a player that supports Quicktime. Converting the files is no good for my needs
  3. It's a pretty fresh install as it is (3 weeks) and I suspect it's a conflict between my device and my PC hardware somewhere. I was happy earlier having had the brain wave to do a wifi sync only to get home and realise they removed that feature in AS 4 :evil:
  4. No been checked on two other XP machines - looks to be specific to my machine. Tried the usual USB diagnostics - removed all other deveices, tried a powered USB hub... I wish it had been the phone. I don't know what else to try to get it to work! Thanks for the pointers thus far
  5. just a quick update. I tried syncing at work on my win 2k machine and that's fine. win xp is still having issues!
  6. Nope. Factory reset the MDA Pro and it's just the same. Windows reports the problem as "A device driver installed on your computer caused the problem; however, we cannot determine the precise cause." I'll be on to T-mobile in the morning. I wonder if more people will emerge as having issues as they come out Early-adopters - the new word for guinea pigs :o
  7. nope - not going into safe mode. thankfully a windows recovery with the install cd has got me back up. Dare I plug the evil machine back in again?!
  8. yes I did completely remove it. I tried again today and this time it appears to have killed my pc! having uninstalled as4 and reinstalled it, when prompted I plugged the mda pro in. *click* reboot... only now it won't go into windows - just hangs on a black screen. my mda pro has killed my pc :evil: I am now without a pc and have to use my evil mda to type this up! any pointers?
  9. I had an M2000 that used Activesync 3.8 with no probs. Just got my MDA Pro, installed AS 4.0 as provided and my Win XP SP2 PC crashes. No BSOD, no hangs just immediately reboots. I rolled back to AS 3.8 and the same thing happened. Restested the connection with my M2000 and it's fine with that phone so it's an issue with the MDA Pro and my PC :?: Thankfully I could get my contacts over via IR in the mean time. Any ideas :??:
  10. mr_tim

    SPV M5000

    LOL Perhaps if Orange were clearer about release dates people like me would not have jumped ship.
  11. I hope that's not a common thing - just been informed mine has arrived.
  12. Excellent - I think Tmobile may finally have got me away from orange with their Web 'n' Walk package!
  13. mr_tim

    Speaker problems

    As I posted here: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=197970&hl=speaker, I've had this occasionally. I never use a headset of any kind so was rather annoyed. Whipping the battery out fixes it for me. A real pain when making business calls, on a business phone... Looks really professional! I'd get a replacement phone but I've been waiting for stock for the last 9 weeks!
  14. Has anyone used one of these? With Orange (along with the others) having launched 3G I'm keen to switch, but the phones offered with talk plans don't do what I need. The PDA2K EVDO would be ideal!
  15. I had trouble with my phone last night. I was able to make calls but not hear anything. Eventually I did hear muffled sound if my girlfriend shouted. I thought my M2000 was a gonner. I thought i'd test that the head phones worked - they did, and when i removed the jack the main speaker was working again - much like a bug found on the original SPV when the head phone jack profile switching failed to disengage. I'd not used the head phone socket before though so have know idea how this came about, nor was there any icon onscreen to indicate it had switched to the hands free profile... I was planning to take it abroad, but if i'm going to need to take the handsfree kit incase it decides to lock up is just stupid!

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