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  1. Dear Yonn, I have some questions about your ROM, so can you please provide me your email so I can send it to you, or tell me where to post them for you to check them out? I try to send you PM here but it tells me that you cannot receive messages.

    Is it gonna be ok if I post them on your ROMs thread?

  2. HI Yonn, I'can't install lock screen. how to do?

  3. Hi Yonn,

    I traslate to italian language your UI for personal use and I modify something to adapt the UI to my rom. But now I would like to upload your work on a Italian Forum, where I will write that you are the maker and I'm the translator. Could I do this? Sorry for my bad English.

    Kind regards


  4. Guest

    hello, Yonn

    i got a question is it possible to change the UI

    and all the other stuff?

    thank in advance

  5. waiting for a rom with ssi42 Windroid theme :D

    anyway, nice work, big thanks :)

  6. Dear Yonn I've been probing all the other roms from another cookers, but the best is yours, Are you cooking another one because We really need a new one.. We apreciated a lot..

  7. Dear Yonn I've been probing all the other roms from another cookers, but the best is yours, Are you cooking another one because We really need a new one.. We apreciated a lot..



  9. ahhh, my dream becomes true .. Thanks .. I'll cook for me a new ROM with great theme of yours...
  10. hi, Hope I got you right ...

    Do you want to edit Energy ROM and add your own changes? this not possible unless the ROM creator shared his kitchen and settings...

  11. Anyways, please, communicate with me, if you please.

  12. Greets, bro! How are ya?

    As you may know, I changed myself device (as you did) and I bought a HD2 Leo (TMOUS). I picked an "Energy" rom and I believe this rom series is probably the best (for my visual flavor & performance, of course)...

    The problem is... I wonna make some serious changes (in the rom but in the visuals too) and I want them "pre-cooked...

  13. You mean the Time changes only when connecting to PC? Are the time zone identical in both PC and your phone? Did you try another time zone? Well I can give hex-edited dll files that will make both taskbars transparent "for real" but don't know about side-effects... It fail to connect to internet.. Did you configure your wifi/or wap connections? As for your remaining recommendations - well some are possible (like configured shortcuts on home page, some others ..), I will try my best in next theme.. as jonjong8 said, HS++ development stopped, but the good thing is mortscripts are evolving and this cover lot of things :D I prefer HS++, but I can have a try with it as some users want it in English - Give me the EXT and hopefully I'll make them as English CABs ... Which ROM? ZeroCache (Dynamic) or 2MB Cached ROMs? as for bluetooth I kept back original i900 drivers - K1 might still use the i908 one's... Update: - I asked for theme recommendations and seems only 1 or 2 responded .. So no one comes later and say "I want something ELSE" I downloaded some HTC Android ROMs to play with their graphics and got this "WIP": The image above is real but theme still in alpha stage, it shows the incomplete analog layout (Digital layout to follow) .. * My thoughts:- > Remove 6.5 startmenu and substitute it with replacements such as for example MMAppLauncher > Remove softkey (Down) bar in today screen > Instead of adding tabs for I might add SMS applications "Any recommendations here? even if are not free.." > More detailed weather tab using HTC images > More HTCish Androish look and feel :)
  14. Download then install cab 1 then cab 2 and soft reset .. hope this helps ... http://www.multiupload.com/SO0OPIR5CE
  15. Maybe it don't really hang, try to wait sometime - maybe it need to finish making sms cache or something... - No problem with SMS - Looks like same MimomaN problem .. See down.. I really get happy when I see someone improve the theme to his liking .. Great work ... - I did not like Mureta theme sorry, I need more better looking one ... - Weather update script need to be fixed - I see new IPTWeather realeased in Xda... These are the registry strings of Clock, try to change/disable them to :- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Clock] "HomeDST"=dword:00000000 "AutoDST"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL] "NITZEnable"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Samsung\Clock] "UseAutoTimeUpdate"=dword:00000000 * For HTC "But my ROMs have some HTC Stuff traces so try to change these also": [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\TimeZoneAutoFix] "CreatePDPAlways"=dword:00000002 "WarnAlways"=dword:00000000 Try and see...
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