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  1. Samsonite

    Data Toggle?

    what a fool i am!!! i searched and searched for a shortcut to the Data Toggling i had been using when it was 1.5 and could i find it..? could i hell!!! so, many thanks for pointing out the native answer for me, i now have what i want and its not a doo-hickey from the market, its a proper button!! thanks again
  2. Samsonite

    Data Toggle?

    can anyone suggest a reliable Data toggle widget please? i'm on the official 2.1 and i want to have a network data connection switch like i have for WiFi and Bluetooth - there was one in the 1.5 ROM so why not this one?? If anyone knows of a Market App thats good and reliable (i might even pay if its THAT good), let me know please!! thanks!
  3. i'm as certain as i can be that its a non-branded device. Its a brown one... i know the files are on the website but like i say, its not clear to me how to do it, there's two updates, right? which one do i do first? and is it as straight forward as connecting the phone to the pc, dragging the files (whichever ones i end up choosing) onto the root of the SD card and then opening the file?if i do it wrong, will i brick the phone? all these q's mean that i'm more inclined to let the phone tell me what it wants to do and simply let it. But its now July 1st and so far, the phone has not checked for any relevant updates!
  4. you see, thats another question i hadnt considered!! does the update come from the Network provider or direct from HTC? or Google cos its their OS?? its all far too confusing...
  5. Hello had a Hero from Carphone Warehouse in the UK on Vodafone for a few months. Been waiting for the 2.1 update and its now here... somewhere. All the tech site articles have been saying about the next time my phone looks for an update, it'll find the update and offer to do it OTA. So far, nothing has happened... I have also read about TWO updates and you need to apply one before the other or something like that. I have found on the HTC website various notifications of updated ROMs but i am unsure which one to apply so i thought i'd leave it up to the phone to tell me which one and do it itself rather than have me try to blow the wrong one in from PC. so the 2.1 update for 'generic' Heros (mine is not branded in any way that i can see, not even a Vodafone sticker!) hasnt happened for me and i want it!! I have tried the 'trick' of changing the date forward a year on the phone to force a update chedck but that didnt make any difference. Is there a way i can manually check for an update? i'm only interested in the offical 2.1 ROM, as much as i'm sure the custom ones are very well put together andare rock solid, i cant be doing with all this rooting malarkey... even if 2.1 didnt apply to the phone it still does everything i need it to do and lots of things i want it to do. 2.1 will add more to the 'wants' side of things so i'll persevere for a while longer before forgetting about it and getting on something more important...... like crashing my new RC helicopter!! :lol: hope someone can help me out here! Ta!
  6. oh very funny! :huh: :P my heart sunk when i saw the title..
  7. even if i select the touchflo opton and default it, the next time i long press it i get the recent apps box but every long press after that brings up the Home or TouchFlo option box again. i basically get one go on the recent apps box.. thats not right is it?
  8. thanks, people! kinda sorted it now.. it behaves consistently now i've played with it but i think i've got a sticky Home button now! even what feels like a momentary press is bringing it up.... the button looks a little uneven and doesn't seem to be as positive a click now... its less than a month old!! not even paid the first monthly bill on a 2 year contract with it!
  9. i havent put anything into the phone to promote this change that i'm aware of but also i've uninstalled the recent apps back to well before the change happened... I've followed the instructions about setting default but it still pops this box up occasionally. Would it do this on a long press once the default box has been ticked? also, i cant believe i hadnt done a loooong press on the home key till just the other day having had the Hero for nearly 3 weeks... if this is normal then fair enough but its recent appearance is still puzzling to me... thanks for the quick reply tho - any other thoughts?
  10. hello all, hope someone can help... had the Hero for a couple of weeks now and all been good, then yesterday it did something it hadnt done before and it keeps doing it. If i push the Home button, i sometimes get a box pop up asking me if i want to select Home or TouchFlo. there is also a tick box giving the option of making the one the default selection. even if i green tick the box, this box will keep popping up... If i choose the TouchFlo option, all is normal and my normal screen appears, if i het the Home option i get a clear background with a single pull-upable tab to show me the menu grid. If i push and hold the the Home button, i sometimes get a box letting me choose recently used apps or settings and sometimes this TocuhFlo/Home box. I have uninstalled all recently downloaded apps and this is still happening. Its a minor pain in the butt as it sometimes pops up with a single push of the home button. Any ideas???
  11. Just to poke my 5eggs in, i'm with the 'Dont Sweat It' lot... i bought the phone knowing exactly what it does and what it doesn't do and if i was after a particular function not in Cupcake AND i couldn't wait for the Nexus One or similar a cooked ROM was always an option.. BT file transfer?? yeah, i agree thats a potential PITA but then i think back to when i last NEEDED that function rather than just having a mate send, erm, 'interesting' movies ,cough cough, or some lame sound clip and i realised i am happy with the Hero as she stands! All that said, i'll be putting 2.1 (or 2.2 or 3.9 or whatever actually get released) once HTC have officially released it just cos it will re-invigorate my toytime!! if only 2.1 sorted out the poxy camera... cant see a software release coming with a xenon flash and decent lens tho. <_<
  12. ooookay... googled the hell out of the problem and the only semi-reliable solution is a hard reset and do all the googlemail malarkey when the phone prompts you at the startup screens. The hassle i then found when deciding to do this was copying all the contacts in the phone's memory to the SIM card ONE BY ONE!!!!! there was no global export/copy function that i could find (and i spent about half hour looking!!) i then did the hard reset from the menu rather than with buttons and Hey Presto!!! Googlemail all good, Android Market all good!! me happy bunny! still think its a bit pants that there isnt a proper solution - can you imagine if someone got their phone exactly how they want it and THEN bumped into this little irk??? if it were me i'd be looking for a closed window to throw the phone through! so i s'pose the next question is, when the official 2.1 upgrade comes thru, will it be fixed or will it be like this all over again...?
  13. proxy settings? How do I change them then? I'm now all ported over to Vodafone and the web is working so I'm now a bit grumpy this is happening! Is there a known fix for this anywhere or is everyone just waiting for the 2.1 update and hopes that will fix it.... Bit of a poor show so far... I bet the AppStore doesn't give new customers this sort of grief... (pulls on asbestos coat in preparation of flamethrowers...)
  14. so do you think its an O2 to Voda porting thing? like i say, i can surf the web no problem so my O2 connection is still good.. the port will happen sometime tomorrow so then i will put in the Vodafone SIM and make sure the webs all there and try again..
  15. hello people!! chuffed to bits with my new toy - i used to hang around here when i was using WinMo phones but drifted away when i got a Symbian thing... now its Androids turn and all good so far except for getting to the Market! i tried to setup a Googlemail account on the phone but it kept on hanging up at the 'Checking Username availability' page.. it would bomb out saying it couldnt get a reliable connection to the servers, perhaps my SIM isnt Data Provisioned... I'm in the process of porting from o2 to Vodafone so i thought it was something to do with that (altho i can surf the web perfectly) so i thought i'd try it thru WiFi - same problem! If it was a SIM issue that wouldnt matter using WiFi would it? I then setup a Googlemail account on my laptop and all went ok. trying to sign into that account on the phone gives the same errors as when i was trying to create the account on the phone!!! whats going on? i cant see how the porting process would affect a straight data session thru the SIM and i certainly dont see how it would be the case when using WiFi on my home ADSL connection... who do i try and speak to if this doesnt sort it self out (or one of you lovely people tells me what i'm doing wrong o'course) - Vodafone? Carphone Warehouse (where i got the phone), HTC, Google??? like i say, phone good, want to get into the Android Market, but fallen quite badly at the first hurdle! tia
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