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  1. i have a ZTE T22 locked to telstra AU, tried the generator and unlock codes do not work, can anyone help ?
  2. will this method also unlock the phone so I can use it on other networks ?
  3. hi can i get more information, i'm not sure i follow the post
  4. guys, thanks for the help, i'm on 1.3 with the new baseband now... awesome. djsteve, thanks for reverting to the stock notification bar... i can now read the notification. ! :-)
  5. ok i did the new baseband upgrade fastboot flash amss amss.mbn fastboot reboot I then booted into clockwork and flashed http://build2.streakdroid.com/update-1.2.0-newbb.zip booting into recovery and factory reset rebooted i'm now stuck on dell logo, what am i missing ?
  6. tell me thats not it ? ok i did the factory reset and i'm now at 1.1.1... cool will move to 1.3 and see how i go
  7. dear OP, can you please update the OP, the links are mostly broken and your pointing back to pages what have been heavily modified since.
  8. 1.1.1 isn't an update is it, its the entire os ? i just flashed it with clockwork and i'm stuck on the dell logo i'm a little lost as to where one now starts, the original post has been heavily modified since my last visit and has become a little confusing. if i'm coming from O2, 2.1, build 8105, baseband 21.. what rom do i first need to flash my unit with to then be able to get to 1.3 with the new baseband ?
  9. having the same issue as you, how exactly did you do it ?
  10. hi all a little confused here. i'm was on 02 2.1 baseband GAUSB1A120521 build 8023. trying to get to djsteve 2.2 1.2 or 1.3 but after flashing clockwork and applying zip i'm stuck on the dell logo. should i be able to upgrade ?
  11. anyone know where i can find the rar mentioned by the OP ? the link is broken Download this zip http://hotfile.com/dl/62324940/5dea6fd/recovery.rar.html
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