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  1. I've got this stuff plastered all over my facebook and twitter now, hopefully its worth it!! When will results be announced?
  2. Great review! Very weird seeing pictures of Diss, didnt realise you lived around here!
  3. Hey guys, Been a while since I've posted on here, HD2 forums are a bit dead compared to xda! I was a daily visitor here back in the omnia i900 days! On those forums it was pretty widely accepted that the best next phone to get was an HD2, it was way ahead of its time and is still a great phone by todays standards, almost 2 years after it was launched. However, my contract ends in at the end of this year and I have no idea what to get next? What is the next phone that everyone will move to, what will be the next phone thats totally ahead of its time? EDIT: Just to let you know, Ive been using Android on this device since you could run it off the SD card, and then used NAND roms once they hit the street. I do not want another windows phone, they just dont compare to android! Awaiting your replies, Max
  4. Do IT! i did exactly the same thing, there were things i loved about my omnia, and the HD2 has all those but it also does everything i hated my omnia for not doing.... CAPACITIVE touchscreen..... youll love it! I have just been looking at the latest HTC phones, in specific the desire hd, and its basically the same phone under the hood. Slightly more RAM and an OLED screen is all your getting, but the screen is smaller..... Also now with android hitting the hd2 in a major way there really isnt a better time to get one! do it!
  5. Well i can happily inform you that its not as bad as you think: 1) Update your radio rom, Google this, look at the xda forum for easy guides to do this. A radio rom update will not only improve your signal but it will also improve the sound quality of your calls. Its VERY easy to do and VERY worthwhile! 2) Agreed, its rubbish, but get some headphones and you no longer need the speaker at all.... its ear piercing pitch is actually quite useful for alarms and phone ringtones. 3) Try installing a new rom, or better, download an android rom, one of the more stable ones, my screen turns on instantly now. 4) Yes this is not a problem.. a dedicated button is just more to go wrong, and really not that useful unless your taking pictures of yourself....! 5) NEW RADIO ROM! read before you do it to make sure you get a compatible rom. 1. What do you need a ctrl key for? multiselection? There are plenty of other ways to do this, look into more specific software. Try upgrading your ROM to a custom one, these usually come loaded with loads of useful software that will probably mean you dont even need a ctrl button! 2. you really dont need this... get some programs that are swype programmable. 3. not an issue 4. look up the Energy custom roms on xda, these have a much better start menu. 5. as above... 6. this really is not an issue, download coreplayer! 7. this is SO specific, how many phones actually do that?! 8. you DONT need this, get a new rom which is finger friendly. 9. on the HD2? no you dont...?!?! 10. phones have always preferred having the sim card under the battery, im not exactly sure why this is, probably something software related, i dont think its very important! 11. no
  6. Thats a shame, well basically i fancy a change! Im bored of having to reset my phone or wait for it all the time, i would be nice to be able to just download some NICE apps, and just enjoy the apple idea of K.I.S.S. The iphone ui's that run over windows mobile are always going to be laggy and never as good.
  7. I was wondering the other day if anyone has tried running the iphone os on the hd2? Please keep all the "Why the hell would you want to do that?!" comments to yourselves, only constructive comments please! Thanks
  8. well.... bump?? The HD2 forum here seems a little dead compared to the omnia one im used to!
  9. I got a new laptop and tried doing the bluetooth with it... this time when i attached my device it came up with about 7 different driver things... the one that failed above failed again this time, but the new 3 or 4 were for the phone function. I new window pops up with a box to dial and connect to the phone in all sorts of new ways... how do i get this for my desktop?
  10. I have found my HD2 does this after a month or so, each time i hard reset it and everything is fine for another month. You could use PIMBACKUP and just reset it... only takes about 15 mins to reinstall everything. You could also look at a few custom ROMS as these are generally newer and with fixes, im just about to install a new ROM, hopefully it will solve this for me!
  11. okay so its installed but how do i access the options to turn on hands free... Rameses... how do i activate the hands free in the same way you managed to?
  12. this looks good but i dont seem to have microsoft corporation in the list. i already have the device centre, but will download it again from the link and see if it adds it in... good find btw, thanks very much! On the dialing, i know you can do it, i dont know if i mentioned before but i was able to dial on my girlfriends computer. EDIT: Installing the update gave me the option.. illlet you know if i have any luck!
  13. Did think about that, but being a tight student i thought i would have a crack at getting this to work first! Ill see if i can get some answers from xda, thanks for your help on this though! Max
  14. The point is: I spend a lot of time on my phone and in front of the computer working, so to reduce radiation in my head i thought it would be safer to use a wired headset. The reason i want to use the computer for this is because i get limited reception in my home and of course hardly any around my computer, however there is a little hotsopt about 3m away, so i figured i would just sit the phone there and use bluetooth... Shame you cant get this working either, ill try it again on my girlfriends pc and see if i get the driver error...
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